new vision, new challenge, new statement

Soundamerica is an open window over the Latin American music scene,from contemporary electronics beats to the ancient magical roots.

A wide selection of music and a specially designed cover illustration,
done by talented Latin American artists that today are shaping
the sonic and visual universe of the greenest side of the world.


Soundamerica vol.11selected by Los Masones del Ritmo

1. Isa Flores (Marcelo Rosselot)_ Chile
2. Carpincho Dominator (Dica Xob)_Argentina
3. Moaning (Fata Kiefer feat. Aerea Negrot)_Venezuela
4. La Mambo Cumbia (Dany F.)_Colombia
5. Menu Ejecutivo (Leo Fernandez)_Venezuela
6. La soledad de Maria (Israel Sunshine_Argenis Brito rmx)_Venezuela
7. Antiguos dueños del Skunk (Doma Tornados)_Argentina
8. July (Francisco Pinto)_Chile

Music selected by Los Masones del Ritmo.
Artwork by Jupa Erian

Produced and released by Hipi Duki Muzik
under Creative Commons license
Barcelona/Buenos Aires
March, 2010


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