It’s a great honour and pleasure for me to do this post for a fantastic underground artist named MADURO.

This guy alongside Beats Antique and some others is hero-worshipped mainly by the Western school of Bellydance.  Whereas Hossam Ramzy is the current reigning King of traditional/Tribal Middle Eastern Bellydance.

Below, you can grab a few very tasty tracks comprised of some BELLYSTEP and also Gothic/Industrial Bellydance which have been released on his own label OCTOFOIL RECORDS.

Here’s some more info on the dude:

Hailing from the Washington DC area, the artist who calls himself Maduro blends textured dark world fusion electronic music with breakbeat and breakcore elements.

His work has been popularized by renowned belly dancers performing and teaching to his work around the world.  He has appeared on compilations with the likes of Amon Tobin, Bassnectar, Muslimgauze, Venetian Snares, Beirut, and Nouvelle Vague.

Talking about Maduro’s music, Bob Duskis, owner of the renowned San Francisco-based Six Degrees Records stated, “If you ever wondered what Trent Reznor might sound like if he incorporated global sounds into his musical palette, you may want to delve deeper into Maduro’s repertoire.”

Maduro’s 2008 album Siege has been regarded as a breakthrough production mixing live world instrumentation with breakcore progressions, bit reduction, and musique concrète. His follow on 2008 EP “Fin de Siecle” (or “End of the Century” in French) was recorded primarily with tracker programs using Thomas Edison phonograph cylinder samples from the early 1900s.

The 2009 release “Your Devices” with Boston-based Notecrusher appeared on BBC with its world dubstep tones and his forthcoming 2010 full-length release “Reveries” has been much anticipated. His sound embodies ethnic instrumentation with deconstruction and things carnivalesque.

A BELLYSTEP numba from his forthcoming album REVERIES, available on April 5th, check HERE for further info!


A couple of Gothic/Industrial bellydance numba’s:


Situational Mythos

As part of the Shisha sound System, a few years ago we stuck a couple of his tracks on one of our compilations, Beginners Guide To Bellydance and this is one of the tracks we used, just watch this amazing Gothic Bellydance routine:

You can also listen to or download a little taster mix I did for the comp:

Get this player from Fairtilizer!


  1. Hi,

    I live in Brazil and I’m degree in dance from the Federal University of Bahia, the most prestigious in the country. During my undergraduate course I prepared one monografy about Tribal Fusion Bellydance making a big research on this topic.

    I met Maduro and their discographies in 2007. The sound of it always involved me and today I am very passionate about their work.

    Already I did some work with his songs:

    BellyStep is fabulous! Congratulations Maduro!

    Kisses from Brazil.

    Joline Andrade
    ([email protected])

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