The above is an image of a scene in ROSKILDE FESTIVAL in Denmark, one of Europe’s biggest music festivals.  I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be there later this year :-).  Prior to that we’ll be in Hungary too next month at the Pecs Festival and so the Festival season is truly upon us.

So to get into the mood for all of that let’s get right into Friday Night Mixfest.

We’ve got a pretty diverse one for you tonight and this is the SUPERSTAR line up:





Ok this is EVE PACIFICO and that is her real name!!!..GLAMMIN’

Eve is based over in Spain, in Ibiza to be exact and involved in all the cool parties over there and she also does a radio show live on Ibizasonica Radio every Friday 17 -19 hrs.

She is the co-founder of Ibizarre Records and if you’re in the area you can catch her Djing every Saturday @ Las Dalias – Hippy Market.

Must confess I have kind of like known her for a while as I had dealings with her label in the past when I did some compilations.  However, never really got to know her that well until recently as she started checking out our blog and using some cool tunes from it for her radio shows..yeahhhh.

She’s been giving us BIIIG SHOUTS on her show and so…

This is a lovely mix, full of dreamy, refreshing sounds with a sunny and light vibe.

Stream it on Mixcloud where you will also find the PLAYLIST.



From Ibiza, back to London and I’m always interested in what this guy does cause it’s always off the radar and I love that.

This sounds anything but English and if anybody is bringing Tropical to London, it’s defintley this guy!

Routes of socamerenguetek by sumsin

Don’t mind the cheese, it’s good for you.


Anzala, Dolor, Velo – Ti fi la ou te madam

Jumpin Back Slash – Ibhithi Two – Pollinate Records

Animal Collective – My Girls (El Remolon Cumbia Mix)

Lil Rick – All Day All Nite

Sonido Trucha – A Bailar – Space Cumbia

Lyon Ft. Dixson Waz (Prod by K.O.) – Vamo A Montano

Zan Ft. Serani – Hold You Down (DJ Corleoni Mix)

Kevin Little Ft. Lexus – Come See Me

Afrosound – Pacifico

Malente and Dex ft. New Kidz – Lions (Douster Remix)

KMC – Doh Tape Meh

Special Forces – Sidewinder (blnd! 4×4 Mix) whilst Germ MC spikes the mic

Charles ft. DJ Morphius – Abusadora (DJ Sheeqo Beat & DJ Aza Tribal Mix)

Sumsin – Me Tocastes

Chopped Palaver

Sumsin – Sexpot Riddim (Paul Franklynn’s Overboiled Baloo)

Machel Montano – Jumbie – (Remix Riddim DJ Bass Remix)

Tito Swing – El Bolon

Problem C – Galarytis

Unknown Mumbo

Adolescent’s Orquesta – Confianza

Release date: Apr 1, 2010
“Routes of socamerenguetek” by sumsin is licensed under a Creative Commons License



We presented this to you a few weeks back and we’re pleased to re-post it upon DJ Zhao’s request with the links to a single file version of Ngoma 4!

Grab it from the Fairtilizer link below!

Get this player from Fairtilizer!

Here’s what we said previously:

We’ve been huge fans of DJ Zhao’s NGOMA mixtapes and last year he promised to make one especially for us and so here it is!!!!!

You can grab his previous editions from his great blog DIFFERENT WATERS with a full write up of what they’re about.

On No.4 Zhao goes on a typical global journey mixing in stuff from all over the planet from a diverse range of genres as the tracklist below testifies with over 36 tracks in all including an SDP mash up 🙂

Many of these artists we’ve never heard of and so not only is it a great aural pleasure but also a fantastic means by which to add new artists to your dj hitlist!

It’s highly recommended that you grab this and the previous 3 editions for your collections as it’s unique and you won’t find this sort of stuff anywhere else!

Thank you Zhao, we feel very honoured and of course we’re supa-grateful 🙂



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