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So it’s Easter Bank holiday and we got another big one for you today.  We had so many to try to fit into what is becoming an extremely popular feature that there’s been an overspill into next week now!

But here’s what we have for you today:

1. Malorix

2. Diplo Vs. Sunday Girl

3. Joney

4. Sabbo

5. Majiika

6. Adam Habstrakt

7. Herald Dub

8. Pantera Dubstep

9. Diesel Dubstep

10. Von D

11. B F Recordings

12. Flip N Dilemma


Ok let’s start with this guy, I’ve lost count how many people have sent this to me via

He’s somebody who we had on last year at Generation Bass Festival.  I really enjoyed his set cause he was sampling loads of different Arabic Pop stuff.

Here he is with some Transnational Dubstep, check it out!

Malorix – Kabaddi Schwalbe from IndiVisuals on Vimeo.



So Diplo’s also got into the POPSTEP groove and to great effect too.  Listen to this great track that he did for London’s < new name to watch out for> SUNDAY GIRL!

Download it HERE



If you ever wondered, how on earth are the deep, dark, industrial and haunting ambient tones of Dubstep ever going to translate onto a sunny beach, you might have to come up with the conclusion…it ain’t gonna happen.

The sun, beach and bikinis is a world apart fom dark, heavvy, bass wobble and headbanging!!!

Well, that might have been the case but not anymore……

Joney just invented Dubstep for the beach..check it…

Sunny Day Outdoorchestra (for kids with drums) by Joney

Plus you can grab 320s if you answer this question:

whats your favourite flower, icecream and movie?!

Mail to [email protected] and Joney will hit chu up wit a link 🙂



Sabbo delivered this hot remix of a classic Soft Cell track originally penned by Marc Bolan’s missus who was a buge Northern Soul star in the 70’s.

Everybody knows this track but nobody knew how good this track could be as a Dubstep remix until Sabbo touched it!

This is the best cover of that track I have ever heard and it’s better than the original too BUT he has not finished it yet….!!!

Stream coming soon!

Tainted Dub by Sabbo



Another New Zealander and another Dubstep Princess, say hello to Majiika!

Good friend of our very own ( and we feel like she’s all ours now) AlexisK.

Majiika is another name to watch out for in the Dubstep scene.  Her music is cinematic, original and once it gets inside your head, it remains there for quite some time.

I’m loving what this girl is doing with her sounds and it’s also great to hear another different vibe to dubstep being created here.

This is the kind of dubstep, that I for one, am still likely to be listening to 5-10 years down the line.  I think it will stand the test of time.

Couple of streamers and 1 download and go and shout out this name to everybody you know.


Majiika – Her Fire by majiika

Majiika – No Privileges by majiika

Gza – Beneath The Surface – Majiika Remix by majiika



This dude is from Montpellier, France and as he himself says:

Something massive here !! Official remix from the Wonder’s single Freak, Forthcoming on Boys and Girl Records.”

I agree, this is going to be a MASSIVE popstep number that is likely to infiltrate the mainstream.  I loved it as soon as I heard it and  think you will do too.

Stream only as it’s an official!


Also check out his BRILLIANT dubstep remix of a Portishead track and you can download this BEAUTY FREE:

Portishead – Over (Habstrakt Dubstep Remix) by adam-habstrakt

Also, you can grab and download a great mix by him here.

Habstrakt – Home Steps promo mix (february 2010) by adam-habstrakt

1 – Habstrakt – Good Old days [dubplate]

2 – BAR9 – So Good

3 – 16bit – Jump

4 – Amon tobin – Hey mr tree

5 – Vaski – Murder VIP

6 – Flux Pavilion – Normalize

7 – Habstrakt – Cookie Beatz [dubplate]

8 – Reso & Ruckspin – Runaway

9 – Pixel Fist – Get Down

10 – Ivory – Hand Grenade (Datsik & Excision Dubstep remix)

11 – Flux Pavilion & Datsik – Crunch

12 – Emalkay – My story

13 – Zarif – Over (Breakage 3AM Remix)

14 – Flux Pavilion – Digital Controller
15 – 16bit – Swine Flu

16 – DJ Madd – Better with you (Akira Kiteshi remix)

17 – Fury, Skepta, JME, Stryda – Allstar Freestyle [mixtape]



Some really cool Dubby Dancehall vybz now from another french outfit aka Moshi Kamachi.  So check them out and download their good time dub tracks for your sets/mixes/aural pleasure.

Ricky SAÏ SAÏ alongside MoShI Kamachi n Gerome (free download) by herald_dub

Moshi Kamachi *Classic DUB Outta All Classics* -A Ziontifik MIX- by herald_dub



Ok a crazeee dubstep cover of  Pantera song now!!..Rawk N’ Fookin’ Roll!

Pantera – By Demons Be Driven (L.F.R. Remix) by Monkey Dub Recording



Not sure what to make of this track, a little operatic and over-dramatic but have a listen to it for yourself via the vid and grab a free download of it HERE



Great new track from Von D, absolutely loving this, watch the video for it!

Plus grab this free download too:

DLX Ft Kemst-City of Cars-Smog CD US (Von D remix) by Von D

And if you’re feeling that grab a FREE SMOG SCION CD SAMPLER featuring Datsik & Excision, Doctor P, Von D and others FROM HERE!

And if you miss this, serves you right for skipping over the small should know now NEVER to skip over the small print on my posts!!!!!



This is the first Sofa Sessions Compilation in a mix.

You can DOWNLOAD FULL COMPILATION (Rar file ) here

Sofa Sessions Vol.1 mixed (12 Tracks FREE DOWNLOD link inside) by bf-recordings

Here’s what they say:

This Compilation have not the typical sound from BF-Recordings – because we wanted show that our Artist are versatile – and also can produce Tunes to chill and relax with amthmosphere and some love 🙂 .. you will see it works

BIG THX TO ALL ARTIST from BF-Recordings what support the Sofa Sessions and made it posible to give away for FREE to our first anniversary.

Tracklist Mix and Compilation:
1.Melodies – Craftsman
2.Ten – Shem
3.Holmes – I.Dot aka Martial Irie
4.Fallin Down – Nilow
5.Mudlark – Oddboy
6.Crequiem – Vase
7.Wake up – Sy Defects
8.Cloud Castle – SP -feat Pawlee
9.ExBlowSion – SmashSystem
10.Dolphin´s Ocean – Rolar
11.Sapphire – The Attic Projekt
12.Cosmos VIP – Anthrax
Released by: bf-recordings
Release/catalogue number: BF-Sofa01
“Sofa Sessions Vol.1 mixed (12 Tracks FREE DOWNLOD link inside)” by bf-recordings is licensed under a Creative Commons License



Ok back to some local Birmingham lads again and here’s Flip N Dilemma with a new mix and also a new track!

DJ Flip – Birthday Stepin Promo – Apr 2010 by FlipNDilemma

Here’s what they say about the mix:

A pure vinyl dubstep mix for everybody out there, effects added with software after mix! Its been quite interesting for me recently as some followers of my face book page ‘dj flip – rubadubdubstep’ will know, im starting to get alot of attention from djs and promoters alike, and begain last month with a special mention on Generation Bass! just wanna say thanks again to all you listeners and people who are pushing me into the right places!

Special Thanks:

DJUMB, Brotherhood of filth, Vengence of the undead, Dubclub djs, Grassroots, Nit Grit, Sam Leighton, Jason Larkham, Adam Le Saint, Steven ‘Barbarix’ Crompton, Jekyl, Hakka, Daz Pearson,Dilemma, Dropzone, Swifty, 16Sugaz and everybody else for listenin :F


Ellie Goulding – Stary Eyed (Jacwob RMX)
Doctor P – Sweetshop
Calypso – Excision and Datsik
Ed Solo – Watch you Eyes
Kyza – Go (Bar9 RMX)
Cookie Monsta – Optimus Grime
Caspa ft Newton Generals – Hard
High Rankin – Sittin in the Wet
Flux Pavillion – Digital Controller
Mr Lager Feat.Alys Blaze – Tell Me
Foreign Beggars – Hit That Gash (DJ Primecuts’ Itchy Naaan Re-Rub)
16Bit – Put Ya Dirt Inside
Trolly Snatcha – Unknown
facebook: Phil Garner / DJ Flip – Rubadubdubstep / FlipNDilemma

Released by: FlipNDilemma
Release/catalogue number: 004
Release date: Apr 2, 2010


And here’s a really cool new track by one half of the duo, Dilemma.

Man I really like this as it’s quite dark, melodic, atmospheric and also offers a brief social commentary on the state of the world today.

Check it out and download it free!

What We’ve Become by Dilemma

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