April!!! siiii
getting hotter North, getting colder south of planet earth… BUT GENBASS keeps RED HOT..BURNING FIRE!!!
we drop a lil bit for everyone today!!!
for music producers we bring the amazing Himuro Yoshiteru..who is a noise master!! and always in the search of sounds..who drops a mix from his upcoming
WHERE THE SOUNDS COME FROM? and this one is going to be one of the best of the year!!!
“where does sound come from?” preview by Himuro Yoshiteru
our Homie Bumps released a huge mixtape FIRE TO THE MAXIMUM LEVEL!! pure bullets!!
Bumps Bullets Vol.1 by Bumps
The guys fromVirtual Boy have the coolest dubstep sounds in ages
grab free this one here
BECAUSE IT REACHED THE LIMIT!!!!! the stream is here!!
Somewhere In My Memory (Virtual Boy Remix) by Virtual Boy
for hip hop n funk lovers!!Wu TANG CLAN got funky remixed!!!

Wu tang clan – Da mystery of chessboxin – Sixfingerz Remix mp3 by Sixfingerz

in Case you are into the dance and tribal with a different twist, Gen BAss is happy to have one of the coolest guys out there..Tony Seal
and his Punjabi’s tribal/house by Tony seal
Tony Seal – Punjabi (Original Mix) by Tony Seal

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