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Have compilations become the new DJ Mixes?

Seems like…

We’ve had Hipi’s, “SOUNDAMERICA” series since middle of last year.  Most recently, Caballo’s “Latino Resiste” and now Mono’s, “Zonda Sound”.

There’s one unifying feature for all three, save for being compilations, they’re also all produced by South Americans and all the music is also based on Latin America too.

I mentioned this to Hipi before & now I might just go ahead and do a FREE SOUNDAFRIQUE or a SOUNDARABIQUE or a SOUNDAFROBIQUE to offer some much needed balance to this new free compilation market.

Anyway, so what do we have here then?

It’s something our good friend Mono sent to me and here’s what he said:

Zonda Sound is a great free compilation I’ve done with my homies back in my hometown: Mendoza, Argentina.

Mendoza is a lil’ but beautiful town with less than 1.000.000 habitants, though its one of the biggest producer’s factories in the Argentina.

To give you an idea, some of the names and projects that were born in Mendoza are: Fauna, Super Guachin, Cooliado, Cooperativa Tropical, Alta Joya, Duba, Efrita, and of course, Un Mono Azul 😛

And so, as Fauna are the parents of Cumbia Digital, we can almost say that Mendoza is to Cumbia Digital what Detroit is to Techno! 😉

On the other side, this is definetely not a cumbia compilation! A whole bunch of genres are explored in the album like dubstep, idm, kuduro, breakbeat, digital tango, etc.

There’s so much talent in that small land, that i wanted to group all these different artists and share the fenomenon with the world.

So here’s what it came out of that: a high quality album with 13 eclectic but good tasted tracks! And it’s free!

Some of the artists featuring in the album are: Canibal Negro (from Fauna), Duba (aka Super Guachin), LNG, Monkiis, Catarsys (from Fauna) and Un Mono Azul, among many others.

DOWNLOAD IT Sound – Vol. 1.rar

I have to agree with Mono that for such a small place there’s a wealth of talent emanating from that place.

I know some of the artists on the comp, having covered them here previously but some are new and not known to me.  AND I never knew DUBA is also SUPA GUACHIN…lol…so that’s something new I learned almost immediately.

Check it out for yourself and name-check these peeps for the future!

The sounds on the comp are KILLA!


  1. lol..well that is the main reason why latino resiste is a game changer..because it is not a compilation “per se” it is also an opportunity for people and bands who want to share their vision of what latin music matter where they’re from or what music style is..
    painting, design and photography are included..
    PLUS it is the chance to show something else…
    anyway..Latino resiste UPDATE soon

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