Just got this in from our homie Joao and you must know by now how much of a secret love I now have for all things TecnoBrega, mainly thanks to DJ Cremoso, my favourite DJ.

Tecno brega or technobrega (Cheesy Techno) is a form of music from northern Brazil, particularly Belém. Music of the genre is created primarily through remixing and reworking songs from popular music and music from the eighties. While there is a large amount of famous music used in techno brega, the majority of it is original material (80%). Several DJs and music producers from the tecno brega movement were featured in the filesharingGood Copy Bad Copy documentary [WIKIP)

But this is also BRILLIANT!

Here’s what Joao says:

I just upload my mashup album with Banda Calypso, they are the biggest independent bregapop band in Brazil!

Ok! The Mash Mash Calypso is finished with this AMAZING cover from

Hardcuore! Banda Calypso goes global!

01 – Tchau toy (Banda Calypso X La Roux)

02 – Louca por Humps (Banda Calypso X Black Eyed Peas)

03 – No Bate Lick (Banda Calypso X 20 Fingers)

04 – Take me vida (Banda Calypso X Franz Ferdinand)

05 – Como um superman (Banda Calypso X Eminem)

06 – Acelerando as women (Banda Calypso X Destiny’s Child)

07 – Arrepiando a gun (Banda Calypso X M.I.A.)

08 – Xonou Planet (Banda Calypso X Afrika Bambaataa)

09 – Harder, Better, Propostas, Indecentes (Banda Calypso and Latino X Daft Punk)

10 – Message pra conquistar (Banda Calypso X Grandmaster Flash)

11 – Jura que Kill (Banda Calypso X La Roux)

Full and free download here or here.

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