Ok man, this is MUTAMASSIK.

She first came to my attention around 5 years ago when I heard the “Bidoun Sessions”, a 2 CD set which featured 2 live dj sets by DJ Rupture and also her recorded LIVE in Dubai!

I thought it was very interesting, not easy to listen to but I don’t think anything by Rupture or Mutamassik is easy to listen to.  However, it was innovative and you heard stuff that you did not even know you could do with Pioneer CDJ’s and mixers.

So this is her free album, which I picked up from a message sent to me by Dub Gabriel!

Again it’s not very easy listening, it is very experimental and dark!


MUTAMASSIK-That Which Death Cannot Destroy+


The making of “That Which Death Cannot Destroy”: a studio tour into stabbing strings, thundering drums, howling conviction.

Going from a predominantly raw urban experience (see: childbirth on Medicaid in Brooklyn, many etcs.) to a raw, rough, rugged rural experience has taught me many things.

Let me give props where props are due: A decade plus+ in the streets of New York City and Cairo cut my teeth; half that time in Nature, however, has kicked my ass. Not just once, but continuously. This has been a boot camp. If inner city life made me hard, Nature made me harder.

During the making of my latest record, I was mostly wearing a park a long johns, 2 pairs of socks, 2 sweatshirts, pants and a hat and every time I exhaled a condensed pulmonary fog clung to the air undisputed-by-modern-science measuring the harshness of the situation(I’d take the parka and hat off when I got sweaty on drums and cello).

I have to frequently cuddle my DAT which I record my masters onto to get it’s digi-electronic guts warm enough to function. Couldn’t an electric space heater solve the problem? No. The excess wattage makes the old, faulty electrical circuit jump. {The American gear (which 99% of our gear is, brought over from N.Y. on a ship with the entire $5,000 given to us by the U.S. government for being hard-working, poor and with child) is converted and stabilized by voltage transformers used by the U.S. military in the hairiest parts of Afghanistan–not proud, just real}.

There is no central heating. We go deep into the forest to collect firewood, chop trees, burn burn burn. We make fires to stay warm (9 months out of 12). CAVE men-style. We hike 4 miles up the mountain 5 days a week, bringing empty bottles to fill up at the mountain spring–whatever we can carry, our daily drinking water.

Since the local water has been privatized it’s chlorinated vapours (which we have to pay handsomely for) are best avoided. We’ve learned to cement up falling ceilings, maximize a piece of dirt to grow food (picking up some ripe sheep shit on the way to the mountain spring to make the vegetables pop), make a 3-month supply of fuel for heating water last 1year by only having 15 minutes of hot water every other day–no matter how harsh the winter– and feed 3 people on a buck. Our only form of transportation has been our son’s stroller which we used well after he started walking to haul up large tanks of cooking gas.

From it’s beginnings on Atlantic Avenue, and after many brutal years of international service as person, baggage, tank, garbage rickshaw, it ha since again been recycled as a safe home for cats. {Note: None of this new or harsh to anyone but us cityslickers/urbanites/suburbanites/industrialites}.

We have a relationship to Nature that is mostly not Soft, Ethereal, Romantic as somehow propagated by Dabbling-Vegan-Hallmark-Hippies, but rather Tense, Negotiating, Respectful…Intense. There aren’t many affectations here:

When I bark and howl on ‘Future Ancient Ruins’ and many other tracks, it’s a reflection of what I hear around me. Just as unaffected as the helicopter blades that incessantly circled my apartment in Brooklyn in 2002 (scanning the Atlantic Ave Falafel/Atlantic Seaboard/East River circuit just after 911?) and found their way on my tracks while I was making the ‘High Alert’ Ep.

I’m telling you this, a bell’100th of it all, because maybe you don’t give a damn, maybe you like my music and are curious, maybe you’re bored/anxious with your way of life and the world’s-at-large…I’m telling you because this has made me confront many things, including accountability/consumption…

But the sparkling gem has been the molecular realization that Resourcefulness makes you funky. Being able to make ‘Something’ useful and/or inspiring out of what most people call ‘Nothing’ is a gift usually bestowed upon the meek. <<<Something to think about when choosing Comfort over Hardcore>>> and/or when Life slips the comfort right out from under your feet.

Which leads to my upcoming P.E.I. theory….more later.

P.s./disclaimer: I’m not a luddite. Neither am I a glassy-eyed naturalist who proposes everyone ‘drop out’ to swing naked on vines.


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