Ok the Jeuce Popstep boyz are back with an incredible new release.

Their latest single ‘Flavour’ has been released on Gash Digital.  The boyz ‘Reworks’ are designed for the sort of stuff they play out in our DJ sets. However, for those that don’t know, their original tracks are what they play out as a live band!!!

This latest release includes a large amount of remixes from the likes of Kidda, Bare Noize, Kanji Kinetic, AudioFun and many more.

We can give you 2 of the remixes for download, by SDUK and Southbound hangers which are the download link below, including the single artwork and logos.



Buy it HERE

‘Flavour’ mini mix on Mixcloud

Finally, stream the whole release here!

Jeuce “Flavour” by Jeuce “Flavour”

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