Cumbia, digital cumbia, kuduro, barefoot and more black rhythms are flooding the dance floor with their amazing power!!
but there is one rhythm that is getting stronger!! AFRO-PACIFIC!!!
Well tons of times we have talked about Chobquibtown, pernett, bleepolar, and many other amazing guys who include marimba sounds and afro pacific rhythms in their tunes..
Here it is an example of the pacific sound:
Salvaje by Bleepolar
And in the Afro Colombian context, 2 big names come across: we have Batata in the Atlantic and we have EL BRUJO in the pacific !!

‘The Wizard’,or in spanish “EL BRUJO”, whose real name ALFONSO CORDOBA barely was pronounced, was one of the great personalities of the pacific and so co-called black capital of Colombia, Quibdó. It couldn’t be different. His cleverness allowed him to speak with wisdom, not only in music and composition, which are known to have given more, but jewelry, costume design, wood carving and construction of musical instruments. For that reason, lots of people say :”he is our Da Vinci beardless, our black Da vinci.”
Alfonso ‘El Brujo’ Cordoba died at 82, His death was so devastating for black culture that even Colombia’s Culture Ministry announced it. The composer, singer and music collector is considered one of the most important exponents of Afrocolombian music.
He died in Quibdo, the capital of the west Colombian department of Choco, in where he was well known.

Culture Minister Paula Marcela Moreno Zapata regrets the death of the music legend and praised him as “one of the greatest exponents of the musical heritage and memory of the Colombian Pacific. [He was] an all-round artist,full of great virtue and an immense heart.”

Cordoba was not only a musician, but was also specialized in the production of traditional Afrocolombian jewelry, wood carving and the construction of musical instruments.

Because of the work of Cordoba, a lot of traditional east Colombian lyrics and rhythms were conserved as he traveled to document the musical heritage of the east Colombian jungles.

In 2008 he received the medal of the ‘Gran Order of Cultural Merit, Colombia’s highest cultural recognition.
what a short documentary about his awesome legacy made by our homie LUCAS SILVA and palenque records

His composition, singing, drawing and carving began to appear in his life “so hasty,” as ‘El Brujo’ is described. Unlike Da Vinci, whose first inspiration came from nature, Cordoba’s came from the displayed images of saints in the churches.

“I saw and copied in clay those figures with colleagues. We made small processions. But I was often scolded at home because it was seen as a sacrilege. Then, secretly made some in the morning and afternoon i smashed ’em” said.

At that time, when he was about ten years, ‘The Wizard’ composed his first song.
“I remember, of course” when asked. Very rough though: lyrics are ” The poor Candide, who is stupid, buys specific in quantity to Panfilo, which is his only child and is stunted, may gain weight. ”
Here he is singing with La Mojarra Electrica: Nostalgia Africana

Lucas Silva, from Palenque Records, has been very kind in giving us a song from EL BRUJO

Alfonso Cordoba-piloto

The life of ‘The Wizard’, his music and rhythms and songs that has been collected for over 60 years are impossible to cover.

Choco Gospel songs are known priceless memory that few know and that, therefore, have been disappearing. “Here we did the equivalent of the American spiritual music. The funeral song of praise-Pacific is our gospel.” And the teacher is released to sing, but not first say that this sad song is originally sung by many voices: “God died Friday. Friday will make the funeral. Saturday sing glory. Sunday goes to heaven.” ‘The Da Vinci black’, the music library of music of the Pacific, has achieved almost everything he wanted in his art. He has recorded two albums, the latest last year. He has had success in radio, as Vano return recorded by the Orquesta Guayacan. He received the National Award for Jewellery. And it has been a winner in their costumes of the Fiestas de San Pacho.

If you remember MAITE HONTELE gave us a tune called Son cepillao con minue, that song is Cordoba’s !!!!


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