Ok man, been bangin’ the new Robot Koch EP all week.

Mayur from Bandish Projekt has been listening in too as he’s a big fan.  Plus Robot just did a GREAT remix of a Bandish track!

This new EP is not one designed for the dance floor. Rather, it’s great listening material, full of depth & Nextstep-esque Tribal Soul Mutha’ Flava’s!

Very deep, unique, insightful and full of intelligence!

“Brujeria” & “Listen to Them Fade” are particular stand outs for me but the whole EP is just a sublime journey to another musical dimension not often encountered elsewhere.

Music for yo mind!

Catch all the official release info from HERE

You can also grab a free track below after the interview.

Please also take note of the side project that Robot is involved in with Modeselektor called NRBLN centered around TRANSNATIONAL DUBSTEP with an African emphasis…Read about it below, it’s fascinating stuff and I can’t wait for it!

Thank you so much Robot for your time for this interview!



For those who might not be familiar with who you are, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

How long have you been producing music and what’s been the plan?

The plan has been to make music that comes from stuff that inspires me
and that in return hopefully will inspire others.

Apart from my stuff as a solo artist I am also the producer behind
Jahcoozi (Bpitch Control).

In 2009 I started running my own label “robots dont sleep”.

I made beats and remixes for artists like Infinite Livez (Ninja
Tune/Big Dada), Bassnectar (child`s play), Rustie (Stuff Records),
Marsimoto (Four Music), Envy (Start Stop), Mochipet (Daly City),
Justine Electra (City Slang), Raz Ohara (Kitty Yo), Al Haca (Klein) and
Christopher Wiltis (Ghostly International), and Amanda Blank (downtown
rec). etc

After last year`s release “Death Star Droid” I finished off the new
Jahcoozi album “Barefoot Wanderer” which is coming out on Bpitch
Control this spring. Coinciding with the release of my “Death Star
Droid Remix EP” (incl fresh mixes by Loops Haunt, Blue Daisy etc) I was
on tour in the USA and Mexico, stopping by in LA for a fun gig at Low
End Theory and finally settled down for 2 months in Mexcio City, where
I found time to work on new material  with my singer Grace .


Tell us a little about some of your solo and Jahcoozi upcoming projects/releases.

Recently, you also worked with some good friends of mine from India, Bandish Projekt and you did a BRILLIANT remix of their Brown Skin Beauty track, can you tell us a little bit about that please.

Well I sort of already answerd the Jahcoozi and release part of the
questions, but yeah….Bandish Projekt just hit me up on soundcloud and
I did this remix as the first piece of music after a 2 month break, right before I wrote and produced the whole “listen to them fade EP” in Mexico Cty. Glad you like my remix:)


As part of Jahcoozi, you do more Barefoot kind of stuff, When did you first get into Barefoot?

How did you get into it?

What is the current Barefoot scene like?

What new names do we need to look out for coming from this scene?

Well the name Barefoot was coined by Vienna based producer Stereotyp, who I think is a dope producer.  The idea behind it is to free yourself from the narrow genre boxes and just walk Barefoot between the narrow lines that define genres.

We had a remix competition on Soundcloud for the new Jahcoozi EP and it was nice to see that there where a lot of kids coming up with fresh ideas that they call Barefoot. So the idea is spreading..


Please give us your TOP 10 Records, dance or otherwise!

1. John Coltrane – A Love Supreme
2. David Bowie  – Honky Dory
3. Moondog – Everything
4. Radiohead – Amnesiac
5. Slayer – Reign In Blood
6. Mr Oizo- Analog Worms Attack
7. Wu Tang Clan – 36 Chambers
8. Beastie Boys – Check your Head
9. Tim Buckley  – Once I Was
10. Far -Water and Solutions

How did you get into music, what are your musical influences?

I grew up on my moms funk and soul tapes, started playing drums in a
death metal band age 15, then got into jazz and fusion stuff, later into electronic music via DJing and HipHop.

When you are not working on music, what sort of music do you listen to?

Music inspires me, everything from Moondog to Slayer, from John
Coltrane over to Radiohead to weird folk stuff and back to hiphop…

I listen to a lot of different stuff but also art inspires me…the EP “listen to them fade” was sort of done under the influence of painter Leonora Carringtion which I
discovered in a bookshop in Mexico City.

Sometimes its just clouds and the way the light looks that inspires me.

Who you do you rate at the moment?



Manuel Felguerez

Your all-time favourite song/piece of music?

The Last Unicorn by America

Your all-time favourite movie?

Big Fish

Your all-time favourite book?

Glück by Wilhelm Schmidt

Your greatest influence – music or otherwise?



What is next on your musical agenda?

I`m involved in a project called NRBLN with Jahcoozi, Gebrüder
Teichmann and Modeslektor. It’s a cross culture project with Artists from
Berlin and from Nairobi in Kenya.

We went there twice already to work with the local musician and vocalists and do some sort of World Music 2.0 Dubstep meets traditional African chants, African rap meet technobeats and 11 year old kids from the biggest slum in Nairobi prove that they got more fire than all the MCs in the US hiphop charts combined.

Also I will be working on my album which should drop in late 2010. I am working on new stuff with my singer grace for her album too, which is gonna be amazing!

Wow, this sounds like an amazing project.  I’m a huge fan of Modeselektor, Dubstep and African music.  How is it starting to sound and when will it come out?

It all started when we got invited by the German cultural institute
(Goethe Institute) to play at the German cultural weeks in Nairobi last

Its not sure yet when and where its gonna come out….we just started
the production, but the tunes we have so far are bangers already…I`m
really excited about this. We will meet with Modeselektor next week or
so to play us what we have so far and talk about how we piece it all
together…so its just in the making as we speak:)

Where did the inspiration for this project come from?

Its always interesting to work with different cultures and see the
point of view of people in another, completley different situation, we
played at the biggest slum in East Africa and people loved it,
apparently one of the most dangerous places in Africa, but we only
encountered positive vibes.

Its’s also interesting to hear you call it “World Music 2.0”, why do
you call it that?

Cuz it’s a new approach of something that people would file as world
music I guess, but its not, that’s why world music 2.0 means its a
post modern to something old.

We call it Transnational Dubstep as we find the term “World Music 2.0” just as bad and neo-colonialist as “World Music”.  Why not just call it Dance music or Transnational Dubstep..why does the term “World” have to come into it whenever we talk about African, Indian or Middle Eastern music..etc etc?

I agree with you, I like the term Transnational Dubstep, maybe a better
way to put it, but I mean the same thing.

Does terminology, pigeon-holing music, matter?

It always does unfortunately so you have to try to make up new word
while still combining them with existing words so people know what u
mean and get the idea that it’s an evolution also in the terminology.

How are the African artists likely to benefit from this experience,
both financially and artistically from the project.?

Well we hope to get a big awareness from this project and hope to get a
sponsor or find a bigger label for it, so there will be money to fly em’
to Europe, so they can play and earn attention and money of course…there is so much talent out there, it just needs to be discovered and put in the right context so people can find out about it. and of course its a big chance for the African artists too, some of them have big hopes in that project, so we are aware of our responsibility to make it right also, not just for us but also for them!

Where do you see yourself in another 5 years time?

I go day by day, so I don’t think about that too much..

If there is one thing you would like to say to the world, what would it be?

Wake up and save our fucking planet!!


Robot Koch – true_ short edit by robot koch


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