coming from part I
..In a series of Polish stuff, some selected by me, some ones told and selected by my cute friend Julia Robaczewska; We want to give some support to the polish people and music scene, and really hope everything goes well!!!
Now we will move to a a different polish sound!!
DUB/dubstep from RADIKAL GURU

NEXT:our polish dubstep queen!!!
his is the rework of Pila – made from Lady Panika ๐Ÿ˜‰ and Nilow – with a forward steppin beat and some little changes ๐Ÿ™‚ .. so feel free to download it and feel free to share it and play it out ๐Ÿ™‚
Pila2 – PaniKa & Nilow (Assimilation Dub Rec – Free Download) by Nilow
The Sinner – by PaniKa & Nilow (forthc. on Permanent Damage Rec) no master by PaniKa
and the amazing ragaboy..i knew about him cuz he made an appearance on my fav Polish band of all times: BEHEMOTH!! too bad we can’t post it ;(
anyway… this is Ragaboy!! who does this Massive tune
Ragaboy – RMX Planet LUC – Energocyrkulacja – podaj dalej by Ragaboy
last place of today’s post is a guy who had been living with wolves and living in a remote cave somewhere in the canadian artic, after he ran away from Warsaw for trying to sell pirate CD’s of Eurovision to the Mafia, when Canadian police finally got him after attacking some sheep the the prairies with the wolves, the guy said he was a bank robber during daytime and a dj at night time… i met him ..HE WAS REALLY GOOD DJ!!! and introduced him to my homie UMB..and here it is their brilliant work..
DJ UMB & Piotr Pozorek
The Revels Comanche (re-cooked by โ’ฟโ“คโ“šโ“” โ’ทโ“žโ“จโ“ฉ) by PeterPozorek
and P. Pozorek RMX feat. Alin Rogoz on the guitar- La cherga- Lajka
La Cherga-Lajka(Peter Pozrek RMX feat. Alin Rogoz on the guitar ) by PeterPozorek
and later on this week we will move to the NEW POLISH FOLK SCENE!!!


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