Here’s something new that just dropped in from one of our most favourite labels, ZZK, it’s the new Tremor EP!

But before we go on to that, I wanna stream the sublimme Bandish remix again for ya 🙂

Tremor – Viajante (Bandish Projekt mix) by zzkrecords

Here’s what ZZK say about the new EP:

Tremor’s genre bending Electro-Folklorico gets remixed by Digital Cumbia Heavyweights El Remolon, Chancha Via Circuito, King Coya & Nortec Collective.

Just when you thought ZZK was finished mixing and mashing South American styles they bring you Tremor’s Remix EP, Caracol.

For your Wednesday afternoon the ZZK boys are spicing it up with a Free El Remolon Remix of Viajante!


Tremor explains of Viajante:

The basic underlying rhythm of his song is taken from the “SAYA”, which is a rhythm that originates in the high mountains of the Andes. This type of song is usually played during the time of carnival, aka party time. Even though the base of the song is centered in South America, the harmony and the melody have a real Balkan sound and color. It’s an interesting array of musical instruments, some from South America, like the Charango and the Bombo Leguero, but others from Europe like the violin and the Bulgarian bagpipes or Gaida.

Tremor tells us, “The idea for his track has been in my head for a couple years, I wanted to mix all these elements. I was interested in mixing melodies from the old continent with folkloric rhythms from South America”.

Buy the EP on:

Itunes // Amazon // TTL // Boomkat // Juno // Zero-Inch // Phono Monkey Phono Monkey

Wanna remix Tremor? The contest (now over!) is still online

Look out for Tremor, El Remolon and the rest of the ZZK gang this summer on the ZZK NORTHERN HEMISPHERE SUMMER TOUR.


El Remolon brings a global dance sensibility to digital cumbia and electro-reggaeton cuts. With hypnotic beats influenced by everything from Colombian cumbia, cumbia villera (cumbia from the slums of Buenos Aires), and reggaeton to dub, IDM, and minimal techno, El Remolon cuts his own vision of electronica for global dance floors. His sound is laid-back but heavy-hitting with a European dance floor sensibility.


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