Be the wall!

I met Pariah at the Winter Music Conference last month when we attended a few of the same panel discussions. We were both going it solo and somewhat in our own worlds – but not so much that we didn’t strike up a little chatter. He’s based in Denver,Colorado (US) and is producing some freaking ill orchestral idm glitch tracks. Steeped in modern distorted and bit crushed synth layers, bleep-bloinks and effects drenched uprisers (hear track titled ‘Extract’) but the beats are very old school and pound like industrial techno of the early 90s. Nostalgia is usually a positive feeling triggered by the senses, especially smell and hearing – and this is hitting me right there while also giving me what I dig about the idm and glitch sounds of now.

Most of his tracks are available as downloadable wav files – but only up to the 100count Soundcloud cap. So if you dig it and it’s still available, get it now because this guy’s tracks are getting snagged up quick.

Don’t Touch Me by Reverend Pariah>>>An epic banger!

Purge by Reverend Pariah>>>This one is my favorite at the moment. Varying sized blunt compressed needles bouncing along in glitchy syncopated counterpoint. [email protected]#king Raw!

Chloroform Fetish by Reverend Pariah>>>Gotta love a title like this!

Extract by Reverend Pariah>>>Love this one!


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