Rusko – Woo Boost from Pomp&Clout on Vimeo.

Maybe I’m wrong.

Maybe some of you will tell me that I’m not telling the truth.

But don’t blame me, I live in France, a country were all British discovery’s in term of music are crossing the channel 10 years later.

No, shit ! Some people out here think that Drum n’ bass is the new thing !

Directed by Pomp & Cloud, also directors of great Boy’s Noise, « Jeffer », this videoclip is great for one point, according to me: it gives Dubstep a visual aesthetic.

Far away from the tryptical association Tech+Science-Fiction+Robotical things at work into DrumNBass, quiet often.

If you have counter-exemple, please tell me, I will be happy to see them.

No, this piece of visual art, hits us in the hear, according to the great bassline of the track, plays with our sense of perceptions, not only, visual one, but also with our memories.

It works with mine.

I remember myself, as a Kid, watching M6 TV channel, here in France, mare many Trance, Eurodance and post-disco videoclips were broadcasted. All of thoose spirals, green and purples effects, bad incrustation FX’s, hardcore Zoom’s, crappy 3D effects are now digested by one generation.

Mine, our.

Playing with thoose visuals code’s, like in the videoclip, is great to look at.

You can see Rusko, and one Tabloid girl play with a british flag, an old school synthetiser, a TV, three sunglasses, like he’s saying to the world « here is my present for you all ! »

And he seems to have a great time with that.

Some lo-fi, low business look-a-like piece and very funny, at all, who brings me a picture associate to happy but serious dubstep.

Till the next crazy bended video.


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