We’re very honoured and pleased to be presenting this free album by our Argentinean homie who is presently residing in Barcelona.  This dude covers everything from Deep Latin vybz, Afrobeat, Pop, Reggae Pop through to Dubstep and UK Funky etc etc..

We’ve stuck up some of his stuff in the past and we’re always happy to give a plug to what this guy does.

I must confess I have not had time to listen to the whole album but I really love what I have heard so far.  I am also advised it features a variety of different styles and consists of 13 original tracks composed between 1999 and 2009!

Judging by what i’ve heard in the past, I’m sure it’s going to well worth the download.


The download includes a TRACKLIST & BIO!

Borderline [LP] – Le Freak Selector – 2010 by Le Freak Selector

Barcelona / Buenos Aires, 2010

Released by: Le Freak Selector

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