Flamenco guitars and dubstep!!!

Flamenco step!!! Some Spanish flavor is what the dubstep needed!!

Caballo & TMFK do one good approach to this with a ragga vox! Grab it for free!! only 10 free spots i guess!!

Caballo & TMFK- Flame n Co by caballo

This one has one of the sickest basslines i’ve done with another ragga vox too!!! FREE!! o’course my horse!!


Caballo & TMFK- Raggatarra by caballo

This one is Flamenco-Fusion also called AFRO RUMBA!! Al Lindrum feat Jaleo Rea

Corazon Inspirado by LoveAvalanche/Al Lindrum

Flamenco step by Dany C

Flamenco! by danny c


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