Been rinsing this dude’s tracks on my Popstep Dub Symphony mixtape series. Totally into what he does in a big way and so I thought it was time I shared this talent with you.

Take a listen/download:

Throwing Snow and Jesse Moncrieff – In My Mind’s Eye by ThrowingSnow

Snow Ghosts – Breathing My Skin by ThrowingSnow

What he says about himself:


//Producer/Musician/Music Consultant/DJ/Label Manager/Socially Acceptable Geek//

Throwing Snow is a UK based producer writing everything from dubstep to folk music. Obsessive about pretty much everything from network theory, furturism, and ancient history to 70’s Nikes, skateboarding, cooking and fly fishing. To make ends meet he is Head of Digital for the Lightsong Music Group and runs the record label A Future Without, on top of doing bespoke music for Film and Advertising and acting as a creative music consultant. His genuine real name is Ross Tones (and no one ever believes that he hasn’t changed it by deed poll!)

‘Try to learn something about everything and everything about something’ – T.H.Huxley
‘For me, music and life are all about style’ – Miles Davis


[email protected]
[email protected]


BBC/Adidas/Sony/ITV/Impulse/National Geographic Channel/Sky/BigUP Productions

Lo Editions/A Future Without/Fleeing From Pigeons/Universal/Dusted Wax Kingdom/9.12 Records/Lightsong Music/De Wolfe Music

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Take a listen to/download some more:

Elephant Trees by ThrowingSnow

Hiffle by ThrowingSnow

Bottledown by ThrowingSnow

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