Ok another finale to one of my mixtape series!

This is the final one of the Apocalyptic Dubstep series and it’s less musical, more brutal and more along the lines of what I can be heard playing out at a Dubstep gig!

This final mix takes the post-apocalyptic journey, where everything descends into greater choas hence the hard brutality of the sound!

As I have said before The Apocalyptic Dubstep series is not intended to send out any political message.  It is not pro or anti- anything.  It’s just a FEELING!!!  It’s not a statement on 9/11 even though the images and mix content might make some think otherwise.

The 9/11 image of the Twin Towers is just the most powerful modern metaphor that I could find to paint a picture of APOCALYPSE!  It is not meant to cause any offence to the relatives (American and Non-American) of those that perished on that day or to those who still continue to perish in places like Afghanistan and Iraq on a daily basis today!

Terrorism, wherever it occurs and whomever instigates it, The State or a Political Group is just, NOT ON!

Whilst I hold very personal feelings and views on many diferent incidents that occur on the International front, my wish is always for peace and co-existence.

You can make or take whatever message you want from it!

I just enjoyed trying to paint the picture and I hope you can see it!

As usual, Live and recorded 1st take/1cut on Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK II & DJM 600.  It’s a lil’ rough round the edges in places.



1. Stereo Type – Shock [Nero Mix]

2.  Phatboy – Xseos (Unreleased)

3.  Fear In There Eyes (VIP mix) – Barbarix (Unreleased)

4. Fear of Living – Shem (Unreleased)

5.  Central Slang Vs Dstrct.O (Unreleased)

6.  Space 5 Penthouse (NiT GriT Remix) – Freddy Todd (Unreleased)

7. Kicking Ass – Supreme Selecta

8.  I Want You (Bar9 remix) – Paul Harris Vs. Eurythmics

9.  Diesel – Randajad

10.  Ctrl.alt.del – Dstruct.O (Unreleased)

11.  Gamma Ray – Downlink

12.  Blast off – Bassnectar

13.  Mission – Liquid Stranger

14.  Alert – Liquid Stranger

15.  Get 2 Da Choppa – Cynical (Unreleased)

16.  Price – George Lenton

17.  Crosstalk – Nhertz (Unreleased)

18.  Nematic Phase – Nhertz (Unreleased)


  1. Yessssss, can’t wait to play this, trust it’s gonna be amazing. Previous 2 were a big part of what got me checking this site daily. Thanks DJ UMB!

  2. hell yes.

    also the whole blog: thank you / thank god / hoorah.

    amazing amazing amazing, it just suits me fine it does.

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