Here’s some great new stuff from a cool label who have signed AlexisK amongst other artists, PERMANENT DAMAGE RECORDS.

Download a track from this new release FREE:

Indian Girl Dub-Dominic Owen Remix by Permanent Damage Records

Stream the rest of the release:

The Love Theme “One” by Permanent Damage Records

Here’s the AlexisK release:


AlexisK “Death of Everything Cool” EP Sampler by Permanent Damage Records

The Birth of Permanent Damage Records

The year was 2009. The place, Bermuda.

Four gentlemen of discriminating taste, stranded on an island of pink sand, golf courses, insurance premiums, and fancypants Englishmen wearing schoolboy clothes to work. For most, this life of luxury would be enough. Marriage, mortgages, kids, divorce, blood pressure scores of 230 over 120, and marriage once again. Then dying and leaving the kids to fight over their estate. All glossed over with a thick varnish of dry martinis and sunburn. And for these four gentleman, this could have also been their tale.

But then the bass dropped.

Maybe it was the majestic force of mother nature pounding them mercilessly with hurricanes and ocean waves. Maybe it was the outrage they felt when Miley Cyrus was denied the Nobel Peace Prize.
Maybe it was the chicken quesadillas.

But something left a fire burning inside these men, and they knew destiny had called upon them to join forces and create something bigger than all of them combined. After launching the unsuccessful Permanent Damage Boat Repair Ltd. (best know for its role in the sinking of a commuter ferry) and the popular but fiscally unsound Permanent Damage 2-for-1 Currency Exchange, the guys decided to stick with what they know best: auto-erotic asphyxiation. When that was done, they moved on to a similar passion they all shared:
unadulterated hedonism.

Music had given them so much over the years, and apart from the broken hip suffered at Lollapalooza 1993, it was all good. And the guys wanted to give something back. So they combined their creative juices (eww) and launched Permanent Damage Records.


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