I went on a mini blog tour, which I haven’t done for some time, and picked up these very interesting things along my way from some of our good friends.



Here’s something I liberated fromthe fabulous Ghetto Bassquake including the whole text & image, what you would call a wholesale rip 🙂

In case you need some Funana in your life to get the weekend jamming (at high speed), from a truly amazing new compilation of Cape Verdean bangers called Projecto Funana & Batuku 2010.

Jorge Neto – Salta Rapacinhu

Another track from the same compilation,Projecto Funana & Batuku 2010″, this time ripped from our Tikitek friend BIRDSEEDS TUNEDOWN:

Projecto Funaná & Batuko 2010 was one of the first records I bought, and it’s a banger. Every blog I’ve read seems to have gone with the high-profile male performer and the lead-in track on this one (I have to pinch myself not to start making modernity and gender analyses), but some of the other music on here is just as interesting. This one is lighter and subtler yet has these magical show-off synth vs. accordion passages:

Isa – Bu Podi Vivre (Mediafire)

Funaná e Batuko 5 was my other purchase, and this one included some really good stuff too. This piece of pure stereo mayhem – headphones are a must – is quickly emerging as my favourite Funaná track ever:

Z̩ de Titina РPassa Sabe (Mediafire)

Some crazy distorted vocals and super-spread, super-diverse instrumentation, it all gets a ridiculously intense towards the end.



Staying with Birdseed’s Tunedown:

This Kuduro album was easily the most pushed all over Portugal when I was there, and listening to it I can see exactly why. There’s a lot of straightforward hit bangers, of course, but also a couple of those vaguely polyrhythmic-sounding weird tracks that Kuduro seems to be thriving on. Here are my two favourites:

Nacobeta & Puto Portugu̻s feat. Vui Vui РManda pot̻ncia (Mediafire)

Nacobeta & Puto Portugu̻s РBaba Bum (Mediafire)

For some reason, maybe cross-promotion, there’s a ridiculously hard-hitting Kuduro track on the CD as well, totally intense stuff on the border towards gabba, if you can imagine African gabba.

Puto Cossa – Ja Ta De Mas (Mediafire)

I got a couple of videos up in YouTube that no one has posted there before. Both are from Costuleta’s 2009 DVD Bomba Kuduro, which SoundGoods

Tchiriri, his big hit, has a dozen videos it seems but this one is a bit different, since it focuses on Costuleta dancing. As you may know dude only has one leg, so it’s fairly unusual stuff.

This was the most experimental video of the bunch, and one of the best tracks, I think:



And then finally this stuff from

I Love Huis Muzik 50th Edition (The Coming Of Age 2) Mixed By Dj Standish(080310) by djstandish

soothing afro vocal n afro deep vibes.

Features hottest , and latest killers from Bongi Dube, Oskido ft Zonke, Blackcoffee, Fiso Da Costa, Infinite Boys, Dj Cute, Smiza ft S-Tone, Dj Bullet, Bernadette Mutangara, Pex Africah, Dj Lime and many more hit makers. You will love it. Holla for a full tracklist.




  1. Hey, thanks for the linking! 🙂

    Just to make clear, the last Kuduro track is from the Funana CD, hence the lead-in text. 😉

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