Great stuff here from an Italian based artist, soundtracky, uplifting beauties.

Check it out!

Chetamomil(la) – Original Version by Økapi

Love him by Økapi

Økapi – Bah! by Økapi

Who is Okapi?:

Økapi is Filippo Paolini, an Italian turntablist and sample cutup artist. Filippo has recorded several solo albums, as well as recording in the duo Metaxu and with the trio Dogon. He has performed live for national Italian State radio broadcasts (RAI) with renowned avant-turntablist, Christian Marclay and collaborates with numerous international artists such as Mike Cooper, Peter Brotzmann, Mike Patton, Matt Gustafson, Zu, Damo Suzuki, Andy EX, Kawabata Makoto, Metamkine…

ØKapi’s album releases illustrate his unique and edgy use of turntables and computer beyond the hip-hop school of chopped up music, creating music that veers from orchestral to lounge with quirky experimental electronics that maintain a delicate and spacious sound throughout.

His amazing skills at sample mixing are simply outstanding and during Okapi live sets he mixes: techno/broken beat/electro-/8-bit with melodies from Klezmer, polka, children’s music, idiot pop and hawaiian classics to name but a few…..

What is an Okapi?

The Økapi is a mammal which was only discovered in 1901 by an acousmatic engineer. It lives wild in the forest of the Itur Region in Upper Zaire. It was named the Okapia Johnstoni and it also commonly known as the “Daft Giraffe of the Forest”.
One of its strangest characteristics is that it is the only known mammal to wash out its own ears with its tongue: just to catch the weird melodies of nature! He adores those ferocious and vindictive chants that make him sway like … and he fights relentlessly for the domination and hegemony of incorrect and unlistenable music. He hates talking about music and certain music purists of the Forest are definitely not his friends! In recent years he has played for Dogon tribal rituals and for those more intimate Metaxu deliriums, but he is considered a solitary mammal and consequently has only published one anthem to protophony for a small label of the American prairies.



  1. Okapi are awesome animals. I run a lot of gen bass tracks on my radio show called Okapi Sound System on

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