Since our Drumstep post, the very next day some dude from Serbia  set up a Drumstep page on Facebook (and we nicked his logo above) and within 6 hours there was around 1000 members!!!!

I have found these tracks, some recent and some not so recent, uploaded and described as “Drumstep”!

I am not bigging it up yet, I am just chronicling what I can find and leaving it to YOU to make up your own minds about this new or not so new sub-genre!

Some of these tracks are CORKERS!



System Overload by Dee Jay Mee


Profanity-Get It Fast (192Kbps WIP) by Profanity


Drumstep Sampler by smaur


Drumstep Attempt by KrimsonBeats


The Book Of The Dead Finished Drumstep. by ClevelandSteamerUK (WIP)

Should i make more Drumstep ? As i feel dubstep is far to commercialised, People are expecting far to much from underground producers such as myself, i’d like to move onto something new (Such as drumstep)

The sample’s are taken from Evil dead, Watching it the other night i thought to myself why not make a tribute song to a movie, in which is the only place i’ve ever seen a women raped by trees.

Also, this is downloadable.

Safe, i hope you all enjoy the tune!


Stuntin Like My Daddy [DnB/Drumstep Remix] by djhipnotikk

drumstep/dnb remix of Lil Wayne & Birdman’s “Stuntin Like My Daddy”


Too Far Ahead by Rek


Dubstep + Drumstep Sessions by Dubz & OnpointMC

Diesel – Slippery Nipple
Funtcase – Gorilla Flex
Doctor P – Time
Funtcase – Oh Deary Deary Me
Downlink – The Night
Dexcell – Assassins
Funtcase – 50 Caliber
South Bound Hangers & Funtcase – Dubsteppa
Funtcase – Matress punch
Proxy – Dancing in the Dark
Bar 9 – Strung out
Bandish Projekt – Brown skin Beauty
Southbound hangers – Heavy Like Metal
Krooksz – Welcome to Jurassic Park
Dub Foundation – Gunman
Unknown – Corrupt cops (Noisia Remix)
Sub Focus – Sound Guy
Camo & Krooked – Skyline
Sub Focus – Could This Be Real (DNB Remix)
Foregin Beggars & Noisia – Contact (Noisia Remix)
Heist – Death Star


Wicked Drumstep Vol. 1! by santaxofficial


Drumstep Mix by Slenski

Dub Foundation – Modern Life
DJ Hazard – Wicked So
Jakwob – Fire
Krookz – Austro Zombies
Rawtee – Lemon City
DJ Hazard – Tactix
Dub Zero – Ganja Plant

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