Canadian Hip Hop in tha House!!!
Living in Canada i can say: the weather is Cold… SI SI.. The Girls are super Hot!! si si !!
so my next question is about music:
How different is Canadian Hip hop to the rest of the world?..
At first, to be honest, I personally found it very similar to the US..
Mainly because many artists and people are/were Trying to Nail the wrong side of it, the super-commercial, bastardized version we see on cable TV and hear on the radios every day, with all its misogyny, homophobia, ignorance, racism, violence and bling-bling materialism. ( quoting my homie Juan Data)
But THEN; i started asking every time i heard sometime AWESOME:
who he was, and where he was from?

I selected few,( in my opinion and IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER ), the most significant Hip Hop Artists from Canada..(again TO ME)
Criteria: Creativity, Versatility, Flow, and Political awareness.. Lol
This guy is everywhere..these days..but i’d say well deserved 😉 CAN’T WAIT TO DROP HIS NEW TUNE WITH DAMIAN MARLEY AND NAS !!Africa must wake up!! AND DON’T MISS GENERATION BASS DAMIAN & NAS post!!

Next in my Canadian Trip to the Hip Hop world: One of the most versatile of ’em all!! VETERAN MC and Producer RELIC who spits flow with great conscience!! DOWNLOAD THIS ONE ..FREE!!!!.. H.E.R.E
TWOR by Rel McCoy
This guy is amazing.. in Here, he is doing NIT GRIT’s DUBSTEP anthem BABYLON!
Babylon Feat Relic+Caballo by caballo
And if u have listened to GLOBAL PROPAGANDA, you’d know he does Dn’B and DUB as well…
MOVING to another part of the same city we found:
Shad (born Shadrach Kabango) who began his recording career in 2005 after using the winnings from a radio rapping contest to fund his first album, When This Is Over. In 2007, he signed to Black Box and released his sophomore LP, The Old Prince, which garnered him a 2008 Juno nomination (the Canadian grammy) in the Rap Recording of the Year, two 2009 MMVA nominations (Rap Video and VideoFACT Video of the Year) and a 2009 Indie Award (Favourite Urban Artist).

If you turn a Radio here can listen to some ..
To me .. a good example of mainstream Hip Hop 😉 in terms of sound, flow, beats and production..wicked!!

AND my last one of Canadian Hip Hop scene!!!

Bonus Track
K’NAAN and Damian Marley


  1. I don’t know much about the Canadian hiphop scene but I used to like a lot of Choclair’s tracks. I think he’s from Toronto?
    He’s got this track called “21 years” with dj Premier which is actually on youtube: Wonderfull stuff imho.
    I’m not sure what he’s up to nowaydays though.

    I also used to like A-trak, who’s more a turntablist. Or should I say “was”.
    I’m not too sure what to think of his recent tracks. He seems to be more of a producer of a somewhat ‘shady’ different genre now..

    1. si si choclair’s from toronto!!! .. we “tried” to do a post about the “actual” and relevant hip hop scene…but mainly to guide about underground and mainstream hip hop sounds from canada vs the american one.. o’course there are too many artists we need to talk about.. but we ain’t a ONLY hip hop page..

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