Sub Swara - Balkan Beat Box Remix CoverArt

Sub Swara just dropped a remix of Balkan Beat Box’s ‘Balkumbia’ and it is KILLER!!!

I’ve been following SS for years and in my mind this is the arrival of the sound that they’ve been building. It makes me very excited to hear their sophmore album that’s in the work’s now!

Dhruva of Sub Swara says this about the remix “We flipped the horns into bizarro world and injected a big lo freq tom riddim-driven push into the jam and laced it with a live surf rock drum break (amongst many other twists and turns).”

Listen to it here

Balkan Beat Box & Sub Swara — Balkumbia (Sub Swara Remix) by Sub Swara


Also checkout this remix they recently did for Other Weapons.
Other Weapons – Backflow (Sub Swara Remix) feat. Dr. Israel, Juakali & Lady K by processrebel


  1. i heart bbb, and this remix is great! still stays true to the balkan funkyness but adds more UNF! ^_^ m/

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