Cavalaska is a really cool dude making Dubstep from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Most of his tracks on Soundcloud state that they’re unfinished but they sound great to me 🙂

He goes for a dark, melodic feel with lots of interesting changes throughout the tracks and at times punctuated with violin & orchestral stabs, LOVE IT!

He’s been kind enough to do an xclusive mixtape for us here @ Generation Bass which is a killer made up of all his own tracks.

Stream it here:

MIXTAPE for by cavalaska

Download it here

Half Hour mix tape…..Only my tracks….Hope u like!!! Big Up From Brazil!

Track List:
1- Searching for Redemption (Unsigned)
2- All Around Us (Monkey Dub Recording)
3- Samba Groove (Unsigned)
4- Back in Time (Unsigned)
5- Feel It (Monkey Dub Recording)
6- Self Distortion (Unsigned)
7- Deep (Unsigned)


Here’s what he says about himself:

Follow me

Im a brazillian Dubstep producer, big fan of Hardcore/jungle and 10 years ago Drum’n’Bass lol…. i also organize with my brothers a monthly charity party, charging just 1kg of non-perishable food…..

The event name is QUEBRANDO A FOME (BREAKING THE HUNGER) … U can check out the last partys video



Stream more of his tracks:

Cavalaska – All Around Us (Other unfinished mix) by cavalaska

Cavalaska – Are You Dead ? (Unfinished) by cavalaska

Cavalaska – Feel It ( original Mix) (unsigned) by cavalaska

Cavalaska – Nega do Bordel (mix zero)[ZyonMusic} by cavalaska

Cavalaska – Every Thing but Normal (original mix) by cavalaska


    1. Seems like you guys sign almost everything that we you ought to give us some credit too for finding you your artists..!!

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