Got some great stuff for you today as usual but just wanted to split it into 2 parts to give some more special emphasis to some of the nu hotnesss artists 🙂

Here’s some XCEPTIONAL nu artists ( and 1 established KING) we have not covered here before and some are being BROKEN WORLDWIDE for the first time by us here at GENERATION BASS:



Here’ some dudes from Bristol, UK who I’ve been trying to keep secret for quite some time now as one of their tracks will appear on the Generation Bass Transnational Dubstep compilation.

However, as we’ve booked them to appear on the Generation Bass stage at Drop Beats Not Bombs Summer Camp, we’ve had to share them with you all earlier than we had hoped.

I am in love with some of the tunes that this band make inna GypsyStep styleee…just love it!

Check them out..STREAMERS only!

Freakshow Host by INNAMORATI

Phazed Old School by INNAMORATI



This dude will go on to big things I think in due course.

He is Filth Collins, a 22 year-old Dubstep producer from Sydney Australia.

Since hearing Dubstep in early 2007 he has been in love with the genre. After two years of listening and studying the Dubstep scene he decided to turn his production focus towards it. After his well-received DJ debut at a warehouse rave in November 2009, and with an arsenal of new music ready to unleash, Filth Collins is ready to bring his unique sound to the masses.

Too right!

Here, download this great track and stream the others:

“Feed ‘Em To The Pigs”

Filth Collins – You Used To by Filth Collins

Filth Collins – Broken by Filth Collins

Filth Collins – 1981 by Filth Collins

Filth Collins – Insurgent by Filth Collins

Filth Collins – Hold Tight by Filth Collins

Filth Collins – Pull Up by Filth Collins

Broken/insurgent out now on analogic recordings

Hold tight/pull up out June 1st on unity vol1 ep on crossroads records

Warrior/1981 forthcoming on double drop recordings



Every so often, something comes along that just stops you in your tracks and leaves you with your mouth wide open and your jaw dropping to the floor.

That’s what this dude’s music did for me when I first heard it.

He is from Lithuania and here’s what he says:

It all started by being Wet_paper and making drumnbass for few years. Rap instrumentals also. In 2007 i found dubstep and later tried to do something similar to it. I became Papuga(parrot). Now trying to do my best for You, making tunes with bONes and M-Theory

These tunes are just something else man!

One download and a couple of streamers!

Papuga – symphony of death by Papuga

Papuga – Comes Love by Papuga

Babylon Zoo – Spaceman (Papuga’s dubstep bootleg) by Papuga



A 24 year old dude from Hilversum in the Netherlands!

Really diggin’ his style 🙂

Like a cross between Symphonic Durrrty Step and Transnational Dubstep!


Ready by Robokop

Robokop & Distrikt – K´BOOM by Robokop


Mandolin madness by Robokop

Rock the Beat by Robokop



Yep, I know this dude is not new!!!

He’s been on the scene for a little while now, emerging behind Datsik’s shadow and like almost everybody else I’ve been bangin’ his stuff for a while now too.

We don’t usually go for the BIG GUNS on this blog cause that’s just TOO EASY…I mean you can just spend some time on the Beatport Dubstep chart charting the rise of the BIG GUNS OR NEW BIG’s as easy as that!

Or go to YOU TUBE and you can find and post bangers every couple of minutes that most people will rave on about.  Doesn’t need brains to do need a lot of time and half decent taste in music and sometimes pretty poor taste too:-)

We try to uncover new unknown artsist and then catalogue their RISE, that is what Dubstep Monday is all about!

However, from time to time we also like to pay our respects to the GAMECHANGERS or KINGMAKERS and this boy DOWNLINK is one of them.

In fact when I met Datsik a few months back he only mentioned 1 new name when I asked him who he reckons will be the next big thing and he kept on saying DOWNLINK..DOWNLINK…DOWNLINK..

So here’s something fitting, an old….. from 7 months back, his HALLOWEEN MIX, which is the only FREE download I can find but it’s a bloody good one!

Downlink – Halloween 2009 – DJ Mix by Downlink

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