Yep, our favourite band are back with an awesome track, my personal fave of the whole classic album, and also a great new video, which was shot at last year’s Oktoberfest in Munich:


You can also check out some of the boyz merchandise righ here:

Finally we managed to put together a lil page with some schlachthofbronx merch, including new shirts (boy & girl sizes available!), vinyl, cds and other stuff. you can find all the merch right here:

Especially proud we’re on the vuvuzelas (you know them plastic horns out of south africa makin 130 dB, right…?!) with our logo on it. they’re linked up on the merchsite as well, but you can also check em directly at our supplier over here:

The merch page in fact is part of a new little site the peeps over from disko b have built, also including:

-the video

-up to date tourplan
-some goodies for download (mixes and tracks from our album and eps!)
check out the whole site here:

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