André Paste, Brutal Redneck, Faroff, Leo Justi, Lucio K and João Brasil has just finished the first

BEST OF BOOTIE RIO mixtape!!!,

BEST OF BOOTIE RIO 1 by bootierio
1 – House of Pain vs Amsterdam Klezmer Band vs Pa Brapad – House of Klezmer (FAROFF)
2 – Get pet – get back beatles vs. é o pet – João Brasil
3 – Missy Elliott ft. Dança do Canguru – Canguru Gossip Folks (remix mashup by Leo Justi)
4 – Daft Punk vs MC Colibri – Colibri around the world (André Paste
5 – Lady Gaga vs Chico Science – Gaga Science (Brutal Redneck)
6 – Beatles vs Amy Winehouse – Come Together good (DJ LK)
7 – Marvin Gaye vs Nirvana – I heard it through the Kurt (Brutal Redneck)
8 – Tira a camisa and clap your hands (André Paste)
9 – Seven Tapinhas (André Paste)
10 – The Beatles vs LCD Soundsystem vs The Kinks – The Brits are playing at my house (FAROFF)
11 – Los Lobos vs Radiohead – Creep Bamba (Brutal Redneck)
12 – Metaleiras da Amazônia vs Nirvana – Lambada Teen Spirit (DJ LK)
13 – Louca por humps – Calypso vs Black Eyed Peas – João Brasil
14 – Tchau toy – João Brasil – La Roux – I’m not your toy X Banda Calypso – Tchau para você – João Brasil
15 – Metallica vs Bob Marley – Sandman Jamming (DJ LK Mashup)
16 – Nirvana vs Dead or Alive – Spins Like Teen Spirit (FAROFF)
here’s the credits of the MEGA MASH UP!!!

“The first Bootie Rio was historic for person who loves mashups. Exciting. We have distributed CDs Bootie Brazil, Bootie’s stickers, ecobag Bootie Rio by fashion brand Espaço Fashion, eye patches, hook gloves, hats, scarves and pirate rings that glowed in the dark. Thanks each of the 444 people who were in Fosfobox, last Friday, and caused the Rio Bootie is so exciting. We are very happy, having a party based on our passion for music and mashups. A song is never enough! Who came doesn’t wants to leave!

The boy Billy, the Kid, was the great revelation of the night, and his set was highly praised in Twitter. What about the killers of the sets of our resident Lucio K and the prodigy Andre Paste? And the presentation of uprooting Aplus D, with Adrian five songs and making people at his performance?

I loved when people sang Baba, Baby, Kelly Key, in mashup of Gorky, played by Lucio at his set. the set of Lucio. And the pirate Piratão (how we call the funk cds) of Bootie Rio? In the next party, we will let him upstairs, at first, for people taking pictures together! Then he goes down, kicks, to the main runway. I confess that I found strange and bumping into him on Saturday, in the living room of my house.

A Plus D, Lucio K, André Paste, Billy, the Kid, and Fernando Schlaepfer, you saved my life yesterday. Long ago I enjoyed myself so much. Here in the post, some photos of Fernando Schlaepfer, I hate the flash, there’s more after the leap into and a full album with 175 pictures, here.

More photos still to come from both I hate Flash and Party Busters sites. Ever-ever post anything about the next Bootie River, June 11. I’m thinking of a thousand surprises and about dancing mashups again all night long. The flyer is hilarious, we promise. Don’t forget to download the mixtape Best of Bootie Rio I, here. And kisses. Crazy to mashup me with you in the next Bootie Rio. One lover of mashups is never enough!


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