African Swim

With the Football World Cup starting here in a couple of weeks, all eyes are on South Africa – and all ears should be too as there’s some ace, all-over-the-place music happening right now.

With eleven official languages we’re a pretty multi-cultural bunch, and that makes for diverse listening. So in light of this and the fact that it was Africa Day yesterday, here’s a round up of some of the very varied SA tunes available on the interweb at the moment that are worth checking out.


umb from this blog is already onto Cape Town-based Jumping Back Slash’s kwaito-influenced house dubs (look out for an exclusive mix soon) and rightly so: his new ‘Ibhithi 2’ album on Pollinate is plain excellent. It’s previewable here and JBS has also dished out a devious DJ mix for the Steak House blog.

The ‘African Swim’ album isn’t that new but it’s a decent enough selection of exclusives put together by Adult Swim, who also gave us the haunting ‘Ghostly Swim’ collection. Some of the kasi (township) takes on urban rhythm are too Yankee-wannabe, but acts like Jozi (aka Ishmail from legendary Cape Town rapper Prophets Of The City and kwaito pioneers Skeem, and Leslie aka DaLES), Mapaputsi and Rusty Dusty break the rules just right.

Playdoe’s Sibot has just toured Europe and diarised it for dontparty, and he’s giving away a Lapse remix of Playdoe’s “Ice Cream” ahead of the release of an interesting looking remix package for France’s Leonizer Records.

I seriously suggest you grab Culoe de Song’s mineshaft deep “The Fallen Siren” (for Japan’s Mule Musiq) at Keytars & Violins, and if you’re in Johannesburg this weekend I seriously suggest you get to the launch of what will be the year’s biggest house album, Liquideep‘s ‘Fabrics Of The Heart’.


umb also recently wrote about a sublime collection of South African house that’s named after the first African World Cup’s buzzword, ‘Ayoba’, an expression of immense excitement. Which is exactly how everyone here is feeling right now – about both football and phat beats.


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