‘This is Suicide Dub’ Press Release
31 May 2010



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Title of Essay: ‘This is Suicide Dub’ Press Release
Deadline: 31 May 2010
Name: High Rankin
Age: 25

Essay Summary:

In this essay, I am going to write about my record label that I am re-launching in the month of May. It will be releasing bashy rave music of all genres. All things that are good.

Main points to be included:

I am re-launching my record label as a platform for my own dubious creative expression and a place to release music from other like minded weirdos. My first release will be a compilation of some of the main artists featuring on the label.

This will include:

1. High Rankin – ‘Losing My Way’
2. Evolve Or Die – ‘Wheel and Come’
3. Temper D & Balkansky – ‘In Pictures’
4. Sekklow – ‘Be Alright’
5. Decibel – ‘Gadget’
6. Cutline & Barbarix – ‘Hey! Plane Rave’
7. Sticky Disco – ‘F*?k Acid’
8. Cliffhanga – ‘I love it’

To promote my label further I will also be doing regular mixes, podcasts and viral from

How will this be achieved:

I will use my computer and microphone and my friend has a video camera that I can borrow if I look after it. My mum said she would help if I need her to.

Case Studies:

Sekklow – ‘Be Alright’

“Big!!! Gonna play this later in Room 1 Fabric” – Primecuts (Scratch Perverts)
“Absolute killer track, head and shoulders above most of the sh*t they pass as ‘Dubstep’
(In my humble ‘but ultimately correct’ opinion ;-)” – Meat Katie (Various, Worldwide)

Evolve Or Die – ‘Wheel or Come’
“Massive track… Definitely looking forward to the full release” – Rattus Rattus (Various, Worldwide)

Cliffhanga – ‘I Love It’
“Right Royally Grimsby I tell thee.” – Nero (More Than Alot)

Decibel – ‘Gadget’

“I played this to my aardvark. Will need new aardvark. Please mail forthwith” – FreQ Nasty (Various, Worldwide)

Sticky Disco – ‘Fuck Acid’
“Bigley like Kenneth” – Skream (Various, Worldwide)

Cutline & Barbarix – ‘Hey! Plane Rave’
“Yeah cool ! The beats reminded me a bit of zed bias – wicked. Multi genre compilations are the future! Big ups” – NAPT (Funkatech)

High Rankin – ‘Losing My Way’
“This totally made me rethink everything i have ever produced. if you need me i’ll be in the pub” – Peter Gabriel

Temper D & Balkansky – ‘In Pictures’

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All questions, complaints and seminal fluid stained papers should be handed in to [email protected]

High Rankin – Suicide 2 Point Oh by High Rankin


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