Man we are trying very hard to keep to 2 posts a day as we’re getting peeps saying that they’re still finding it difficult to keep up with everything here!

That is very hard though when stuff like this just drops and you have an urge to post it immediatley cause it’s just great and you wanna share it with everybody and you want everyone to get locked into the same feeling.

Well, Haaksman of MAN RECORDINGS just made me break that rule, we’re trying hard to adhere to, at the moment.

He just turned on the free download for his take on a Lata Mangeshskar classic!  He did it a while back and I was just waiting for him to enable the download 🙂

This is new terrain for Dan,  I think, cause I’ve never heard him do Bollywood before!  I’m sure somebody will correct me “nicely” if this is not the case.

Grab it, it’s a GREAT track!

Lata Mangeshkar “Thoda Resham Lagta Hai” (Daniel Haaksman Remix) by MANRECORDINGS


Latah Mangeshkar “Thoda Resham Lagta Hai” (Daniel Haaksman Remix) from Man Recordings on Vimeo.


    1. pissst…Umb loves beautiful crying women!! pass it on!

      Man glad 2 c someone being so vigilant :-)..NO WOMAN, NO CRY! …ahahahhaa

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