Jumping Jack Slash is backkkkk!!!!!

He drops a great nu xclusive mix for Generation Bass which is just full of the finest Kwaito House stuff on the planet right nowwww!

It is a bangin’ mixxx!

Laduma Bangers Mix (For Generation Bass) by Jumping Back Slash

A Ke Kwisisi – Manyora
Umlilo – Big Nuz
My House – DJ Bobo
TKZee – Dikakapa
Amerido – CNDO and Daddy
Shiyashisa – Big Nuz
P.O.S. – Built From Scratch
Gwebindlala – Culoe De Song
Juju – Black Coffee
What For What – DJ Bakstina
Jozi Barcadi – DJ Pacco
Church Song – DJ Killer
Phambili – DJ Choice
Lash’Uswazi – Smallz
Ziscust – DJ Zee

Big Up to Generation Bass!



Also the eagerly awaited release of his debut album is finally confirmed for June 21st.

We’ve had a copy and man It’s been on repeat play since we got it. It was just what I, for one, was after!

It’s full of Deeep African/Kwaito House bangers, just what the Doctor ordered!

Here’s what his label say about the release:


2010 is a good year from the Pollinate perspective; the family’s growing rapidly and the beat blocks are building higher
day by day. This release marks the first of many new releases from us this year and the next and so on and so forth…

With the Footy World Cup heading to South Africa this summer, everyone’s poised for a new wave of cultural hype to hit
the world’s eyes and ears. And already, in the music world recently, acts such as Die Antwoord, DJ Cleo & DJ Mujava
have been shaking things up, turning heads and bringing new styles out of SA and to the forefront of electronic music.

Browsing through the interweb one day late last year we stumbled across a new pulse from the heart of Cape Town and
were totally bowled over. Somebody had some seriously fresh beats on their site; the kind that slow time until it’s
irrelevant. They gave us enough goose bumps to cancel the whole evening just so we could listen on repeat. It came
from someone calling himself Jumping Back Slash. We said hello, he said hello back and it turned out he was a he and
he was a Wigan Athletic (!) supporter working out of a studio next to the SA Astronomical Research Telescope…

JBS is from the UK but now has his feet firmly on the ground in Cape Town. His production style is a combination of
years playing in the UK rave arena, peeling back the plastic of Chicago house vinyls, soaking up the bass waves of
London, digging through the record shops by Cape Town train station, flicking the TV to Jika Majika a dance competition
on SABC and finding a new addiction; South African House.

IBHITHI means ‘BEAT’ in isiXhosa and was originally two demo tracks he threw at us (Ibhithi 1 & Ibhithi 2) and they
were both sick. A perfect balance of new school Kwaito vibes and old school Detroit badness.

The following day he sent two more (ibhithi 3 & ibhithi 4)…we agreed to put them online for free and the response was
overwhelming. In a total of three weeks we sent out 6 Ibhithi tracks with 100 downloads each. They were snapped up
instantly and got massive praise from some of our favourite blogs; Generation Bass, Heart In Migration, Globalibre and
more hosting the tunes as well as props from DJs such as Bok Bok, Maga Bo, Dubbel Dutch, ID.

Thing is, we weren’t finished – there were more tracks that we kept secret. This release – IBHITHI – is the finished, re-
mastered collection of tracks plus a handful of extra tunes for the dancefloor. Dark Synths, driving beats, tribal woops &
hollers and growling bass lines shape this heavy package; the perfect introduction to Jumping Back Slash.

Here’s what the people say so far: –

Feeling the second free beat a lot. Would love to hear more of this guy! (Bok Bok – Nightslugs)

That all looks sick! (Alexander Nut – Rinse FM)

I think these tunes are bangin’! (Dubbel Dutch – Palms Out Sounds/ Curb Crawlers)

Liking a few of the tunes, reminds me a bit of old warriors dance stuff. – (Warlock – Sub FM / Rag & Bone)

I played no 3 on the show the other day, keep em coming! – (NoYeahNo – Sub FM / Rag & Bone)

Cheers for this, liking it! – (I.D. – Bass Music)

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