GENERATION BASS welcomes the KING of Greek Dubstep, FLeCK, who drops this most XCELLENT guest post, BIG UP DA FLeCK!

We’ve heard lots of things about Greece lately, economic crises, social riots, austerity measures, but nobody informed us about its DUBSTEP scene!

Generation Bass with its famous Monday post is here to tell us about it!

This week, we got many upcoming young producers to present to you!

Content list Part 1:







Insom is a 23years old dj & producer from Athens. His music has no boundaries, as he is djing  & producing music like Techstep , Drum’n’Bass, Roots Dub, Ragga Breaks and filthy Dubstep.

He is one half of the duo DUB RIOTS that produce mostly future dub music and he also is part of the URBAN DANJA,a team of djs that spread the  dubstep and D’n’B sound all over the country.

Here we got a couple of  brilliant tunes of his called “journey to Brazil” and “save the world”!

He also participated to the project “ANTICOPYRIGHT vol.1”,a dubstep/dub album with lots of big featurings!

Our readers have the honour to download it for free from here ! :


Those two guys are part of the PONY LICKS crew, that provides Greece with heavy bass the last years!


DIZTA, originally from Greece, its in Leamington Spa, UK where he fell in love with bass music, ranging from grime, garage, hip hop.

In an early age he stumbled across one of his  friends’ jungle / drum n bass tape packs….this was it !!!From then on,he would constantly sort out the latest banger…and mix it up…He currently works on new productions with D-Jahsta for pony licks records.


D-JAHSTA is a very talented young producer that at the end of 2009  turns his hand to dubstep and starts playing his first dubstep gigs together with the rest

of the pony licks team, in which there is a massive boom in the club scene with sold out clubs and shows. He is currently workin on the harder ‘filthier’

side of dubstep in his new projects, which are soon to be released….

They provided us with some tunes and some mixes, for our audio pleasure!


DIZTA monsta mix

D-Jahsta live mix

D-jahsta & Dizta – Cuntz

D-jahsta – Transmorph

D-jahsta – Vs Com

D-jahsta – Odd Shit



He is coming from Thessaloniki, in the north of Greece!

We got from him two tunes for free download!




Another producer and dj from Athens.

He is part of the Pony Licks crew.  He started as a scratch dj but since the last year he got into the dubstep sound as a dj and as a producer as well.

He is basically influenced from dub, dancehall ragga, glitch hop, drum and bass and jungle sounds!


  1. hell yea, awesome to see you posting on here man, a very pleasant surprise and so far these tracks are great. keep up the good work, hope to see more posts from ya and of course more amazing music! Peace and love from across the pond!

  2. I really thank you disco!!
    Seeing me posting here is thanks to mr UMB who gave me this great opportunity!
    I think that this mix has been removed,I don’t know the reason.Anyway,there is plenty of stuff here so just ignore that!
    See you here next week with the second part of this post!
    Big ups!

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