Back in 2009 when I was “touring about underground artists” I did posts about Peru, Colombia, Argentina, France, Spain and Brazil.

In the Brazilian one, I included TRILÖBIT!! a wicked project..that blends all the brazilian flavour, with great rocky attitude!

They are giving their album for FREE to all GENERATION BASS READERS!!!


Check their Case you want to know before downloading 😉

This is what they have to say about their release:

Once, while they were carrying some experiments in a remote solar system, the crew of the spaceship Millennium Falcon (Animau Gönzales, General Urkö, Moröder and Nösferatus) were suddenly sucked by a time-space hole, and within a millisecond, were transported to planet Earth. To be more specific, to a city called Londrina.

In the beginning, they found Earth a very strange place, but what really surprised them was the use of hertzian waves by these humans to make music, because where they come from, the electromagnetic fields generated by these waves are very powerful weapons. Even capable of taking over entire galaxies. However, in the knowledge of the extraordinary capability of sound waves to make music, they decided to do the most logical thing: to form a band!

And thus was born TRILÖBIT. Their mission is very simple: total domination of human kind.

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