Our South African “correspondent” ( sounds good don’t Dexterity just did this great post on some more South African music.

The problem though was that he buried some awesome shiit deep inside the post where it’s likely to escape your attention.

So I thought it was begging to be brought out more into the limelight ands so here it is, thanks to Dexterity a.k.a Greg 😉

This is Shangaan Electro and IMHO it’s shiiit hot.  We heard about this in SA but did not get to actually hear any until now!



Things have been a little quiet on the South African music front of late – and that’s because it’s being drowned out by the sound of vuvuzelas! The World Cup is in town and that means football fever is sky high, and the biggest bass rumblings are the ones emanating from stadiums…

So here are some quick links to some things South Africa – and soccer – well worth checking on the internet right now.

The Fader’s Pitch Perfect pages have some awesome World Cup coverage, cool videos and a series of six mixes that represent continents taking part in the party of football. The Africa Mixtape is put together by Generation Bass favourite Spoek Mathambo and features South African kwaito stars like DJ CNDO and DJ Mujava alongside Côte d’Ivoire’s BB Ramazani and Shanaka. Spoek’s “Mishini Wam” closes out a concise and funky overview of the continent’s eclectic beats.

The June issue of Dazed & Confused has an interview from the ‘zef’ side with Die Antwoord, and there’s a wicked accompanying online video too that “ends at the home of Afrikaans gangsta rap pioneer Isaac Mutant for pizza, beers and a freestyle session.” I’ve done you a favour and embedded it below. You should also check out a piece on some amazing leftfield music being brewed in Soweto called ‘Shangaan Electro’


Finally there’s a fun and football-favoured cumbia (and other!) mix from our Brazilian-born, NY-based friend Kassiano right here. There is a good chance we’ll have an all-South American final after all…




Look at me… 3rd coloumn, 5th from the bottom amongst a LEGENDARY line-up!!!!!!!

Surprised, yeah, so am I keep being told I shouldn’t be but I can’t help it.

This remarkable line-up includes 2 of my top 5 artists of all time!  PRINCE and also JOHN PAUL JONES from LED ZEPPELIN who is playing in the supergroup, Them Crooked Vultures!  Only in my dreams would I be on the same line-up as these dudes BUT man this ain’t no dream , it’s fo’ real for

Not just that though, some good friends are gonna be there too – SCHLACTHOFBRONX…yeahhhh 🙂

Gotta say I’m buzzin’ and totally surprised that out of nowhere I got asked to do this dream slot at one of the world’s greatest Festivals, Roskilde.

The Festival bookers have just done everything absolutley right for me and more than I could have asked for.

Firstly, they have NOT described me as a “World Music”  or “World  Music 2.0” DJ.

Secondly they gave me and Generation Bass this great write up HERE

Thirdly, they put “ME” in a write up amongst some awesome names including one of my alltime faves, MODERAT!

The electronic party at Roskilde Festival goes far beyond these names. You can look forward to partying with MODERAT, ELECTROJUICE, MEXICAN INSTITUTE OF SOUND, LINDSTRØM & CHRISTABELLE, FM BELFAST and many more. Also, you get the chance to meet a number of reputable DJs that it would be more than difficult to persuade to play at your wedding: PRINS THOMAS, TIM SWEEENEY, DJ UMB, ANALOG AFRICA SOUNDSYSTEM and DALA DALA are only a selection of the respected people who provide us with all possible kinds of grooves between the more traditionally performing artists. French duo BEAT TORRENT, who have filled their fireplace shelves with world cup trophies for their DJ skills, gives a demonstration at Roskilde Festival.

Check the full article HERE.

Fourthly, man the slot & stage they given me is awesome.  It’s not a tiny broom cupboard behind some dimly lit tent BUT I’ll be on at the Cosmopol Stage!!!! Hopefully in front of 6000 people, just after Daara J and before Gilles Peterson @ 8.30 pm Friday 2nd July 2010.

I hope, I do you guys and Generation Bass proud!

If you’re going to be @ Roskilde, make sure to come and check me and out and say HELLO!

Man, I’m looking forward to it and I just hope those peeps dig my vibes 😉

Drum n Bass anyone?


What’s DnB up to?
Well.. i feel like every single expands, evolves, and gets more mature.

These are great tunes i have been “collecting” for the past months.. Some of them are not Free, that is the main reason i hadn’t posted before..

ED RUSH!! si si.. ED RUSH!!
Ed Rush – Arcadia by EdRush

Commix brings two great tracks
City Section
City Section by Commix

Double double
Doubledouble by Commix

Hombre Pacifica by Bad Habit by BadHabitMusic

and finally
our beloved girl!!
Akuce – Probability Zero by AlexisK



Elite Force comes back with some Elite hotness again in the form of a revamp  of a Midnight Juggernauts track.

Here’s what the main man himself says:

Several months back now, I ran a little competition on my Facebook Page ( ) to ask for suggestions on new tracks to Revamp, with the winner grabbing one of the top-end  ‘Revamped’ packages from the Elite Force site > . There were literally hundreds of suggestions that were thrown up, some of which I may well come back to at a later date, but the winning entry came from Ivano Knight who suggested Midnight Juggernauts’ ‘Tombstone’.

The mashup came together pretty quickly during a couple of overseas trips, and I brought it back into the studio for some final tweaks a little road-testing.

It went up on my Soundcloud Page  ( ) page a few days ago & already has around 10,000 listens to it’s name, so I figured now would be a good time to set it free, in time for plenty of summer-sing-a-long action.

Recommend Via Twitter >




Our very own prodigy Munchi is back and here’s what he has to say about this GREAT new Moombahton EP:

I have experimented alot with it by mixing with various genres.  Letting you hear a little bit of one of the new directions with the Ambient Dubstep mixed with Moombahton on my remix of Dubbel Dutch’s track ‘Throwback’.

Moombahton has alot to offer and i’m sure that if the experimenting of the tracks will go on, the genre will develop as something of its own rather than only edits or remixes.

In my opinion the possibilities with the Moombahton seem endless,
because I like to mix up genres alot and with Moombahton it seems to work every single time.

Heartbreak invited me to work on some tracks in Charlotte and we did.

This is what came out and we have alot more tracks to follow up.

He has a more Hiphop/Moombahton approach that you can hear in ‘Sweet Tea’.  Why ‘Sweet Tea’? That was the only thing we drank during the studio sessions, lol.  And with the random funk influences you can tell that we both love baile funk!


Anyway here are some more details of the tracks in short:

Heartbreak & Munchi – Boneknuckles [Moombahton Rmx]

During the time in Charlotte Heartbreak was telling me about the ‘Boneknuckles’ joke he heared on a sitcom.  I was like wtf is that, but it seemed familiar. We just had to do a track with that vocal so we searched all over the place for that episode. When we found it, it was done. I got inspired right away to do this track as this is the Moombahton rmx of the original undergound Dutch House version. A party track with alot of Baile Funk influences in the buildups.

Heartbreak & Munchi – Aponte o Não

If you know your Portuguese you already guessed it.  Heartbreak sended me this crazy Moombahton concept with the Fugees ‘Ready or Not’ joint. When i heared it I was so inspired. It led me to hear that great remix of The Course again.  I totally forgot about that track. So i added me in it and the subtile synths of The Course’s rmx and it seemed ment to be like this. It’s a smooth party track, something you can vibe to in the club while sippin on something.  I see this as a example of a good Heartbreak & Munchi collabo. This time in a other type of vibe, which we love making aswell. A more subtile approach.

Munchi – Soltero y Sin Compromiso

I have to be honest.  Don’t like Lil Wayne’s music as I did when I was a kid. But when he released the ‘Single’ joint I knew that that was my anthem right there.  It wasn’t after a long time that I started to work on this track, i loved the ‘It’s all good’ vibe on this track and i didn’t wanna change it.

Not to say that it has a Ambient Dubstep vibe to it, but it was certainly influenced by that. Also with hiphop, because its a hiphop track obviously. Alot of bass aswell, because.. well I just love bass.  I like to think this is something you can vibe to on a summer afternoon on the beach, just chillin with a cocktail.  It’s summer, so it’s all good my friends.

Munchi – Pero Que lo Que Mujer

Making this just minutes before I had to leave for a gig, this was inspired by a Merengue track.  Since 5 years ago I sometimes have these spontanious ‘Kikiriki’ moments, after hearing Mala Fe’s ‘Kikiriki’ track.  Like all of a sudden I find myself humming that song outta nothing, while its been years that I heared it for the last time lol.  So i just had to do something with that track of course. I also wanted to work with that carnaval whistle and this seemed like the perfect moment. Alot of percussion, alot of Mala Fe’s random vocals, alot of bass, alot of ‘Kikiriki’ (there is no synth, it’s just the Kikiriki lol), alot of acordeon perico ripiao madness and if thats not enough a random dominican mambo break out of nothing. Gotta love randomness!

Heartbreak – Sweet Tea

You already know the story about why the track is named ‘Sweet Tea’, so whats more to this track?  Instantly you will recognise the sound of this track. LL’s ‘Doin It’ recieved a Moombahton update, with alot of Bubbling influences and Baile Funk madness. It has the smoothness in it but with a more party vibe though because of the Bubbling influences. Here you can hear the Hiphop/Moombahton I was talking about that Heartbreak likes to make. I like to see this as a summer track aswell.

Heartbreak – Pilulas Azuis e Brancos

The translation describes: “White and Blue Pills”.  What in the world was Heartbreak on when he made this! It’s like your stuck in the zone and you can’t get out, but do you really want to get out? Was the synth annoying intentionally that it will stick in your head throughout the day. I know that was the fact when I first heared this. Also baile funk influences and alot of percussion. Something where Heartbreak has attached alot of importance to. This shyt just seems to be screaming: I don’t give a shit, fuck you im raw! And that rawness is something Heartbreak wants to keep in his track.

Don’t make it too pretty when it’s straight to the point!








Based in Brasília and São Paulo, CRIOLINA is a weekly event that’s been around for five years, where resident DJs and artists from all over the world get 2gether to show some of the electronic and new brazilian “bass music”.

On the dancefloor, these guys present a blend of brazilian and worldwide grooves, a deep research from ancient to modern beats, influenced by the multicultural place they were born.

Listen n GRAB!! toCriolina_-_Baile_da_Vassoura

Formed by Luciana Simões and Alê Muniz, Criolina was born of the necessity to share the rhythms and musical styles from Maranhão, in the north of Brazil.

The project began to take form three years ago when both met in São Paulo,. “We found ourselves returning to our musical identity from Maranhão,” says Luciana.

Hey!!! If you read few days ago LR is about to do a compilation about Brazil, these guys were not included.. but u can also get this song for FREE

IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Criolina_-_Marcha_do_Candango

They’ve been representing Brasília in clubs, parties, expos and festivals all around Brazil, South America and Europe, not only on DJ tours, but publishing the cultural magazine Satelite 061, disseminating the art from our city. They also head an event organizing office, a graphic design studio and a weekly FM radio program.

So get in vibe to a SUPER BRAZILIAN WEEK!!!!



[Big Up 2 a FB friend for the image inspirations -Cooky Crystina Chaïnsaw]

DubSTeP Monday Dancers:
1. Tim Turbo
2. NüShu
3. J K G [Dubstep]
4. Glÿph Dubstep
5. HavocNdeeDsounD
6. Droid Sector
7. d-Queue
8. Broke – N



I’m sure this is the first Dubstep I’ve heard from our German homie, TT who now does the Man Recording Podcasts on a regular basis.

Great track/remix too and awesome vid too 🙂

Lloyd Banks ft Juelz Santana – Beamer, Benz Or Bentley (Tim Turbo Remix) by Tim Turbo

Lloyd Banks ft Juelz Santana – Beamer, Benz or Bentley (Tim Turbo Remix) from Tim Turbo on Vimeo.



Ok, this is about my home city Birmingham a.k.a Brum, you know the place where all those greeat bands came from, Led Zeppelin, UB40, Sabbath, Duran Duran, Steve Winwood and of course me DJ…ahahahah…

Not only am I covering Brum in this little piece today but also another sista’ doin’ it for herself on the DubSteP front.



The words nu shu literally means “Woman’s Writing” in Chinese. As the name implies, Nushu is a writing system created and used exclusively by women in a remote part of China. Traditional Chinese culture is male-centered and forbids girls from any kind of formal education, so Nushu was developed in secrecy over hundred of years in the Jiangyong county of Hunan province.

“They taught her to apply makeup and comb her hair; on her head she was wearing pearls that are shining magnificently; she is sitting like Guanyin (a Buddhist goddess) out of a Buddhist shrine”.

I’m really loving this stuff, emotional, atmospheric and beautiful!

It’s like Twin Peaks DubSTep – Strange, weird, avante garde, surreal and very addictive!

NuShu – March of the Idiots by NüShu

NuShu – Kill all the Brutes by NüShu

Nushu – A World by NüShu

NuShu ft. Eva Lazarus – Geisha by NüShu

NuShu – Hoes by NüShu

J K G [DubSTeP]


A few great PopSteP remixes here.

Gotta say I love my PopStep, you should alll know that by now.

From a guy based in Hull making his DM debut and as he says unfinished tracks but I love them already.

Bjork Hyperballad (J K G Remix) Unfinished by J K G [Dubstep]


Christina Aguilera – Hurt (Dubstep Remix) by J K G [Dubstep]

Glÿph Dubstep



Stream a new track:

Glÿph – Exo Links by Glÿph Dubstep



These LA guys always come up trumps with anything that they touch and this is no xception, brilliant remix maaan!

King Fantastic – Stop Fucking Playing (HavocNdeeD RemiX) by HavocNdeeDsounD



Droid Sector a.k.a Tom Geelong from Australia makes his DM dubut this week with some dark dubstep perfect for building up your set , check it out.

The Bassist & Roommate – Rub A Dub (Droid Sector Remix) [Free 320] by Droid Sector

Droid Sector – Empty Rooms 2009 [Free 320] by Droid Sector

Droid Sector – Observed [Free 320] by Droid Sector



David Quinones, Dallas, United States is d-Queue and he’s been on t’ blog quite a few times already on DM and also on DrumSTeP Friday too 🙂

Here’s a couple of new DubSTeP numbers for free.

d-Queue & Luke Nukem – Crims and Cops by d-Queue

d-Queue & Silicon Avatar – Optimistic by d-Queue



Not as good as the Sabbo version, which is the best tainted love I’ve ever heard.

Soft Cell – Tainted Love (Broke-N Dubstep Remix) by Monkey Dub Recording

Boom Shakalaka: Baltik Bass!!

Baltik Bass!!

i have to admit..i know nothing much about electronic nordic, scandinavian scene…but i do know about their folk thanks to metal.. and i DO know about metal as much as about GenBass
anyway.. i got this great stuff to share with you guys!!

🙂 DJ Emil vs. Kiharakolmio – Riddim And Culture!!

Having musically been a few times around the world,the Boom Shakalaka team, have also become more aware of their own musical heritage. The finnish, scandinavian, nordic and baltic region has a rich folk music tradition with nice bouncy accordeon rhythms and beautiful fiddle harmonies. To make this material more suitable for the club, they started making remixes of finnish folk music, which got some great feedback from.
One thing lead to another and finally they realized they have a new genre on their hands, which decided to call Baltik Bass, drawing from the musical traditions of the countries around the Baltic Sea.
Here is a first official promotional track, free to download, from the upcoming Maasto Records release Boom Shakalaka presents: Baltik Bass vol. 1. Enjoy!

Dj Emil vs. Kiharakolmio – Riddim And Culture by Boom Shakalaka