I posted a mix by this duo a few weeks back and I loved what they were doing on that and then  I came across this other one which is just as great.

I’m even more of a fan now and can’t wait for these guys to release some more of their tunes 🙂

Here’s what’s being said about them by The Truants Blog:

The LA duo NGUZUNGUZU is made up of Asma Maroof & Daniel Pineda and together they make the most infectious and luscious beats you’ve heard in quite some time. Their sound is as easy to describe as pronouncing their name is, but their self-proclaimed description of global club or visual house seems to do the trick quite well. Our eleventh installment of our Truancy volumes is a mix filled with tracks that NGUZUNGUZU are excited about now. The mixtape tends to stay in a lower BPM than usual as they wanted to try something different to give tracks that they don’t always play a chance to shine. The ideal setting that one should blast this mixtape to? “Right when you wake up, when you’re walking to the train or when you’re riding in your car to the beach.”


    1. lol..yo BIG APOLOGIES…I think I get a lil’ something wrong on every post, at least I’m consistent ahahahaha…updated and this time I really hope that’s you guys!

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