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Aaaaahhhh Yeah! As you might have heard, me (Vince, you remember me right? the guy who started this GB thang?) and my friend and fellow GB CEO Dj UMB were in South Africa last week. We were invited by the peeps at MUNDIAL, who also have a great festival upcoming, together with the people of the CDT in Joburg, to investigate on the South African music scene, specifically on the KWAITO, Hiphop and House scenes there. It’s kind of hard to get the right info out here in Europe, so we were sent down there on an investigation to go check out all the stuff first hand. get a taste of what’s really going down in SA!

To kick this off, here’s one of the first and most famous KWAITO songs ever, the legendary “Kaffir” by Arthur Mafokate. House music arrived in Cape Town in the early 1990s at raves like the World Peace Party and in the original venue Club Eden, and later Uforia and DV8. This spread northward where, in the mid 1990s, Chicago house was becoming a popular genre in Johannesburg clubs such as 4th World, and local artists fused its sound with that of South African music. Arthur Mafokate, Makhendlas (Arthur’s brother), Oskido, Boom Shaka and Mdu Masilela were the first artists to produce a huge kwaito hit and popularise it in and outside the black townships… So now you know what we are talking about right 🙂 loads more coming soon!


This week we’ll throw the day-by-day for the last week at you and we’ll continue the postings throughout the entire month with exclusive music, exclusive interviews and a whole lotta more, straight from the streets of Joburg. So here we go, stay tuned for the freshest SA hiphop, house and kwaito ish..

DAY 1:
Getting up early in the morning just isnt my thing man. But when you have a long trip ahead, it’s even a bit more stressfull with packing your stuff etc. Of course neither me nor DJ UMB realised that it was in fact winter in SA, So was packing all my shirts and sunscreen lotion… Little did we know the Joburg nights reaaallly cool down!

So we met up at Schiphol Amsterdam and get on board our little seats for the next 11 hours. What’s nice when you fly with KLM though is the fact that they will pamper you with all sorts of drinks, snacks and a couple of meals. Besides that we had a lot to talk about of course, lots of GB related stuff like the upcoming live shows and the GB label. Proper CEO’s there… hahahahahaha!

So when you travel abroad it’s always a surprise who you are going to meet there. Our trip was set up by CDT locally and they hooked us up with the best guys ever man… They were waiting for us at the airport to pick us up and we were pretty sure right away that we would be in good hands for our stay there. ENZO, aka ERNEST aka “THE CEO OF THE STREETS” and THABANG aka THA EYE were riding with our driver for the next week and trusted homie PROFF, who has been around the block a couple of times. These guys also run the great SLAGHUIS night in Diepkloof, a township and part of Soweto, where they do open mic nights and have guest shows by some of the bigger hiphop acts in the land. Some of the peeps that are exploding right now in SA like PRO KID, got their first kickoff at SLAGHUIS, so these guys are superbly connected to the scene…


First thing we noticed (besides the fact that UMB’s case didnt make it down there… god…) was the chilly Joburg air. When we set foot outside the airport, we started to realise we wouldn’t get all tropical this week and we needed some warm clothing. which of course we didnt bring 🙂

We were kind of tired after our ‘lil flight, so we skipped the showcase we were semi-planning to see after arrival and they took us up to Peter’s B&B, Kensington Cottages, a nice place with a couple of cottage that we would call home for the next week. We chatted some more with Peter there and then called it a night. Already a lot of impressions and information to take in for a short first day…

My brova UMB will take it from here for tomorrow, right now i’ll leave you with some realness from DIEPKLOOF


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