Barcelona’s top crossover DJ: “EL TIMBE” is BACK!!!! RELEASING HIS NEWEST TIMBERISM!! dedicated TO GENBASS!

The city of Barcelona has sent us a PUBLIC WARNING:

“since last two Timberisms, Barcelona has been witness of unusual tropical related events, and the city encourage the people of the world to keep these safety rules in order to have a great party, after all the clashes in apartments and people on public transportation with the mixtapes in the I-PODS or Mp3 players:
1- Don’t play it too loud if your house can not hold more than 50 crazy crossover-lovers!
2- Don’t play it too loud if your house is close to a cemetery, it creates zombies who come from the tomb to dance in your place.
3- Don’t play it if you live in the USA, last timberism release, CHUCK NORRIS was visiting Barcelona, HE BECAME BERSERKER, and HE CLAIMED to be the real DJ who made that amazing mixtape, not listening to the people who insisted it was EL TIMBE, and it was necessary the use of a HOAX to send him back to USA, and the info we have is CHUCK NORRIS is still in the country calling himself EL TIMBE




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