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Here we are again with day 3 of our day-by-day in South Africa of last week! onday 3 we had some big meetings lined up, with a lot of very different players in the SA music scene! We started off with a meeting with JR.

The first time we heard off him was online (of course) by way of his SHOW DEM video, which was (then) just finished and barely online. A great bumping Kwaito-esque track with a lot of crossover appeal. Here check it out for yourself:

Thats a solid tune man and it kinda blew up while we were preparing this trip. Currently a charted tune out there in SA for JR! So.. Back to the story, we were supposed tomeet him this morning, but due to his record blowing up and him breaking in a major way out there, the hectic schedule didnt allow any time for us. No sweat, because we did manage to make a new appointment for a special release show by this cat…!

or as the label says: JR. South Africa’s latest Hip Hop phenomenan. Enter the digital Life-Cipher that is Tabure Thabo Bogopa Junior, a tidal wave birthed out of Bochabela Mangaung, sun kissed, carved and raised koTshwane. A late eighties baby ready to claim rank amongst the HipHop illuminati. Like moth to flame, he has a definite affinity to the sparkly piece aptly named “The Mic”, the emotional intrigue of “Rhyme Saying”. Now known to you and I as ‘Motswako Sexy – JR”

After this we had a lil lunch and we talked with the guys. I told them all about the Dutch wealth and how we obtained it (by selling African slaves) and we talked more on how our own cultures looked upon things as race and class difference. Once you start talking about stuff like this, you always dicover you have much more in common than you thought!

After all this we head out for our second meeting of today, the CEO of – Glenn van Loggerenberg. They do video’s, produce A LOT of tv and also run their own multimedia events in SA. This is one of their vids:

Without getting all techy on your ass, we talked out some of the productions they are doing, which also include a lot of Kwaito and Hiphop videos, plus we talked about Glenn’s own dj-ing, he’s a veterean in de SA scene as well, playing out with almost all the big guns at one point or another. Thanks Glenn for getting together and sharing his visions on the new global world and SA’s role in that! Plus we hooked up another meet at their multimedia event this next friday.

After this we were meeting with one of the guys we’ve been following for a long time. SA’s leading house dj, DJ CHRISTOS! We were superhappy that he made time in his schedule to talk to us and we talked in his backyard in the sun, while enjoying a little cup of coffee, so it couldnt have been any better! here’s the kind of stuff he does, so you can get an impression:

yeah that’s nice man… We have a full 55 minute interview recorded with him and talked in depht about the current SA house scene and upcoming artists as well as the global outreach for SA artists. We will drop this completely online in the next weeks. It’s still gonna need some transcribing, so that’s something for you to look out for! plus we’ll have some of his tracks online for you to catch that real SA vibe... Also very important, this guy hooked us up a meet with BLACK COFFEE, who also took time out of his busy schedule to come chat with us! For now, let me drop these 2 vids for you, another one of his cuts and a nice lil clip of CHRISTOS rocking it with ROCCO and BLACK COFFEE! plus here’s a mix of some of the good stuff!



  1. yeah really enjoying posts coming from first hand experiences in places i’m am too far away from, hehe … keep em comin

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