ooooooohh yeah! a lil later than you are used to the posts of my bro UMB, but that’s how we do it here in Holland. Well… not really, It’s just my lazy ass! 🙂

I’m getting ready for the first game of the soccer championship as we speak. uuhh type, and wanted to drop a short line on this first. The vibe is good in SA man, people are ready for it. Eventhough the FIFA maffia has kinda forced SA to invest in million dollar stadiums instead of needed housing and plumming in the ghetto’s, there’s no hard feelings from the ordinary man in the street. I just hope that some of the money flows back into SA’s economy instead of Seb Blatter’s already bloated pockets and I hope this will bring what the SA peeps are hoping for. The respect and new investments the country needs!

DAY 5:
Onwards with the music talk though, I’m sure you didnt visit GB today to hear my political bull 🙂 After yesterday we had some nice meetings set up again by our homies ENZO & THABANG, i’m sure you know who they are by now?

So we got some assistance from our new friend CHRISTOS as well and he helped us set up a meet with the man of the hour: BLACK COFFEE! Currently this guy is doing really well over here in Europe with his own blend of more traditional African rhythms and modern deephouse vibes and we talked in lenght about his classical training, his jazz background and all the good stuff that’s still coming up from this dude. His tracks are being played by some of the biggest dj’s in Europe right now and he’s flying into Paris and London on a regular basis these days! Here’s some of his stuff for you to check out, plenty of DL’s coming later 🙂

That last one is on constant rotation my house now man. This guys and his protegé CULOE DE SONG are totally killing it right now!

So after a long chat with this dude we took off again and we got ready to head back into the ‘hood! We had a meet with some of the guys that are really blowing up in SA hiphop right now called 985.

These cats are doing well and we were meeting them in the middle of DIEPKLOOF, one of the townships of SOWETO. this was a real eye opener for us as well, to see how the ‘normal’ people live and work in this million city called JOBURG. There’s a lot or poverty of course, but even here, the vibe is still very positive and up! We talked about the industry right now and how they were doing as young black entrepeneurs in this thing. here’s an old vid for these guys and you can hear they fuse some of their older KWAITO stuff with very modern sounding US southside hiphop to get something that’s very catchy!

And this is a cut off their latest cd RE-DIAL 985, with a splashy lil video and this one is getting some serious airplay as well in JOBURG. People know the dance routines and when they play live they also do em in unison! good stuff man, good stuff!

After a long chat and a vidit to their studio as well, where they showed us new video material and we also hooked up with B-ZEE, a talented guy on the same style, who’s coming up with some new chuuns that are KILLA! More on this guys as well later!


So we went to grab some food and then we went to the big ting this night BIG TINGS POW POW POW POW! yeah, that’s dancehall style! 🙂 We went to the RAGGA ATTACK nights, hosted by a guy from London actually, with a superb MC who kept dropping the funniest lines in there the entire time. The stage was full of dancing girls and guys and they were dropping some of the craziest moves in there man. Damn! Also cool were the many SIZZLA lookalikes, who were all selling joints in the venue. And every time a SIZZLA joint dropped, they went mad and started junping super high, MASAI tribe style! Amazing! We stayed out till about 2 I think and then we headed back to the cottages, our heads filled with deep DANCEHALL bass n CULTJAH!

SIZZLA? yeah SIZZLA, check out his great Blaze Up the Chalwa

More by my bro DJ UMB again tomorrah! keep up and keep supporting SA!!


  1. Nice info.. although most of the music was already posted in parts 2 n 4 and Two weeks ago in a Black coffee is soooo good that it’s worth listening over n over

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