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The Zizek musicians and DJs are producing some of the most progressive sounds in Latin America today, leaders of the global dance craze known as Cumbia Digital, a modern take on the percussive African rhythm developed in Colombia 2 centuries ago. – CNN

The current music industry is a beast.  In Argentina, it’s even tougher. But ZZK Records is keeping the beat alive, getting the crowds dancing. Check out our newest El Remolon mixtape, if that doesn’t get you moving, stop here. Help us fund our next North American tour and spread the ZZK movement.

This summer we are bringing 4 of our acts for a coast to coast tour with a headlining show at the Biennal of the Americas in Denver, Colorado. The US State Department calls it the largest cultural event of 2010 and we’ll be there representing Argentina’s freshest underground music culture.

Your donations will help make this tour bigger and better and introduce our music to a whole new audience. Funding will go to the production of ZZK TV, an online video project designed to share our sound worldwide.

Modern technology connecting cultures from afar through the power of music, the ZZK story in a nutshell.

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Thank you so much for your time and consideration,

Grant C. Dull aka El G – ZZK Founding Father

*Peepear este proyecto en español! – acá

ZZK TV Needs
4 External Hard Drives
2 Memory Cards
Boom or Shotgun mics
2 Lavalier mics
Card Readers
Power Strips
Misc Items
Programming & Design

Project location: Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires, Argentina

El G – Summer Tour 2010! from ZZK Records on Vimeo.


Fauna – ZZK Summer European Tour 2010 from Flamboyant Paradise on Vimeo.


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