I’m still scratching my head and wondering WHY???

Why is ADDIQUIT just NOT MASSIVE like M.I.A.?

I’ve been loving what Addiquit has been doing for the past few years, in fact she’s been my personal favourite Female Artist since in or about 2007!

I was convinced that by now the whole world would know her, it has not happened yet but I am still convinced that it will happen.

She is sublimme…… she oozes subliminality……..and she will be big, I hope 🙂

It’s your loss if you have not checked her out, I have nothing to lose cause I know her already and I simply love her!

She’s just let loose on all these free downloads, some of which are demo sessions but they will nevertheless reach you at your heart, soul and feet!


Plus if you are a Booking Agent in Europe, Addiquit will be around in Europe after July 17 mainly in Brussels and Berlin and so if you wanna book her, and you should, let me know man and I’ll put you in touch!


To buy some ADDIQUIT go HERE

Street Bitch by ADDIQUIT

Open Eyes by ADDIQUIT

Hypnotized by ADDIQUIT

Radical Impressive by ADDIQUIT

Wanna Know by ADDIQUIT


Good Worlds by ADDIQUIT

Take U Home by ADDIQUIT

Ant Sisters feat Cooley Fly by ADDIQUIT


  1. ADDIQUIT holds it down – hard. Beyond being one of the most overlooked talents in the global music world – her style is both innovative & refreshing in an industry plagued with mediocrity & imitation.

    She holds it down for san diego, women, mc’ing & music. Hats off.

  2. ADDIQUIT is my cousin, and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She is a breath of fresh air to a stale society. She’s beautiful, she’s talented, and she’s fearless. I love what she’s doing, and I have no doubt in my mind that she will go over and above anything in her way up the ladder to fame and fortune.

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