Gen Bass is a music Universe, but in planet earth..so if you have read Gen bass, you might have noticed sometimes Vince or UMB talk about political/social issues ( see SA posts for example) but mostly of the “politically charged” content is posted by CABALLO.

This time is Caballo again.. to tell you that we (people who live in Toronto) are the G20 and G8 host these weeks.

I am not going to talk about the G20..but the MEGA REBEL PARTY we are going to throw!!!
SI SI.. I will be there as the only LATINO representing… pow pow

June 26, Saturday Night Fever will be taking over the streets of Toronto for a late night dance party. We are now announcing our start time as well as the neighbourhood from which we will be starting…

11 pm, Church Street Village

This is one of the tunes..for example..that will be giving the people the chance to DANCE and Fight 😉
The CLAC vs. Lykkie Li(Buraka Som Sistema rmx)

Dance Dance Dance – The CLAC vs. Lykkie Li(Buraka Som Sistema rmx) ~ G20 Rmx by dj_b#

We are encouraging people to make sure that they are in the area on the night of the 26th. Early on Saturday morning we will be announcing some details about meet up points in the neighbourhood where we will be encouraging people to converge. On Saturday night between 10:30 and 11pm we will be announcing our exact location for the 11pm kickoff (via twitter, facebook, and this website). Please already be in the neighbourhood so that we are all ready to go!
Saturday Night Fever is a dance party. the party is happening on the last night of the G20 summit in toronto. the G20 meetings are when the global elite plot another year of getting richer off the backs of people and the planet. they have a billion dollars to spend on security while many people in this city struggle to be able to pay for food and rent. so we’re throwing a free party in toronto on our streets!

There is a high probability that the cops are gonna be aggressive in their attempts try to shut this party down, but we plan to keep going till dawn, despite the heat.


rebel elite will be there!!

here’s also sum music from a dj who’s gonna be there!!
F*&k the G20!!
F$CK the G8 (All roads lead to Cumbia mix) by dj_b#
State Trooper – Sprinsteen (Dj Dago remix)
Off the Grid, Underground – Rae Spoon
The Love that I Crave – The Blow (Strategy’s Strat Club Remix)
Seven – Fever Rae (Twelves remix)
War – Edwin Starr (King Britt remix)
Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m yours – Stevie Wonder (Dj Smash Essential Funk Remix)
Your Rock my World – Michael Jackson feat. Nas (Cookin Soul remix)
Give it to me – Timbaland (Bombon remix)
CumbYeah! – El Drado Diiyei remix
La Cumbia de Prodigy – disqueDJ mix
Crees que soy sexy? – Systema Solar

~ self-determination for indigenous peoples
~ climate and environmental justice
~ income equity and community control over resources
~ migrant justice and an end to war and occupation
~ gender justice, queer and disAbility rights.

Organizers percieved level of police interference
* = low; ** = medium; *** = high

* 18-20 June 2010, All Day, Forum, Ryerson: 2010 People’s Summit


J21-24, Various times/locations, Reel Solutions Documentary Film Series

J21, 7pm, Harper’s Attacks on Reproductive Rights at home and abroad, 25 Cecil Street, OCAC [email protected]

** J21, 2pm, Allan Gardens, March: “All Out In Defense of the Rights of All”

** J22, Various Times/Locations, creative civic transformations and street theatre for Gender Justice

J22, 4:30pm, Yonge and Queen St, Creative Queer Resistance to the G20

* J23, 11am, Alexandra Park (Dundas and Bathurst St.) March: “Toxic Tour of Toronto”

* J23, 7pm, Ryerson Student Campus Centre (SCC115), 55 Gould St: People’s Assembly on Climate Justice: Moving Forward from Cochabamba (Poster) (Facebook)

** J24, 11am, Queen’s Park, March: “Canada Can’t Hide Genocide: Indigenous Day of Action” (Poster Image)

J24, 5pm, Toronto Underground Cinema 186 Spadina Ave, “Six Miles Deep” Documentary

* J24, 8pm, 25 Cecil Street Steelworkers Hall, Forum: “Confront the Invasion!” (Poster image)

25-27 June 2010: DAYS OF ACTION

J25, 12:30pm, Allan Gardens (corner of Carleton and Sherbourne), G20 Feminist Picnic and Politics

** J25, 2:30pm, Allan Gardens (Carlton Street between Jarvis and Sherbourne Street) Free the Streets! March. Block Party. Tent City: “Justice for Our Communities”

* J25, 6:00pm, Forum, Massey Hall: “Shout Out For Global Justice”

* J26, 1:00pm, March, Queen’s Park: “People’s First. We Deserve Better” (MAP)

*** J26, 1:00pm, March, Queen’s Park: “Get Off the Fence”

*** J26, Time/Location TBA, Radical Street Party: “Saturday Night Fever.”

*** J27, Time/Location TBA, Autonomous Direct Actions: “Getting Down to Business”

* J27, 1pm, Corner of Bloor and Spadina, Bike Block action

** J27, 2pm, St James Park (on King St. between Jarvis and Church), March: “Prayer Vigil”

J27, 3:33 PM, Anywhere including 299 Queen Street West, Make Believe Tea Party, (‘zine) (Handout)

*** J27, 5pm, Bruce Mackey Park (Dundas and Wardell), March: Fire.Works.For.Prisons

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