Chronos Records is a label based in my home city, Birmingham, UK and it has to be one of the leading DrumSTep labels in the world right Nowww.

Peeps have been rioting to get their hands on stuff by these boyz cause it’s PURE FILTH!

This is all about their new release out on the 6th of July from all major vinyl and digital outlets. It’s the new release by two of their artists Dr Philth – No Fuss and Diesel – Panic Attack.  They’re delving into drumstep for this one and both are heavy!!!

Not just heavy but some of the best DrumSTep I’ve ever heard, man it’s of the highest quality and innovation!

If you want your finger on the pulse on the latest developments in DrumStep & DuBSTeP, then you need to keep your eye on this label.  Follow them on Facebook, My Space & Twitter, links are below!

You can stream some clips and also download 2 freebies!!!!!!!


Panic Attack
No Fuss

Here’s what the boys say about the label:

Established by George Gray and Anthony Marshall (aka Lawless and Prime). Both met in the sleepy county of Cornwall, where there is little to do but set up huge rigs in fields and wile away your nights listening to loud LOUD music. The two have DJed in the West Midlands for a number of years since their daring escape from the sticks and whilst doing so have kept their fingers firmly on the pulse of the skyrocketing success that is dubstep.

The boys quickly realised that the plethora of unsigned talent that they knew of across Britain and Europe was an untapped resource, being unfairly withheld from clubbers nationwide… Chronos was born

The Chronos artists include:


…..And many more coming in 2010


Randajad – DIESEL

Chemical – VERMIN


Here’s some vids:


  1. Honestly this is the SICKEST shit! Big up Chronos Records! Cannot wait to buy this fucker. What’s next?!

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