Today 3 of my good friends are dropping great approaches to cumbia.
the funny part is all of them are doing what they’re not supposed to …
the one who does balkan is doing mexican , the one who is a real mexican is doing balkan, and the french one ..well HE IS CANALH!!! so u know what we are bringing!!!!!!!

To begin
My homie Tommi from Balkanbeats and Cafe de Calaveras made this epic remix from La troba Kung -Fu!!

La Troba Kung-Fú – Maria Hernandez (Café de Calaveras rmx) by CafedeCalaveras

My Amigo from Mexico Mykol Orthodox does Balkan Cumbia
Bucumbina Rmx-Mykol Orthodox by TJF SOUND-MYKOL ORTHODOX

And after begging to put the download link
Canal H’s Super Cumbia
Canalh – ! Que chumbia parce ! by Canalh [kanaj]

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