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DubSTeP Monday Dancers:
1. Tim Turbo
2. NüShu
3. J K G [Dubstep]
4. Glÿph Dubstep
5. HavocNdeeDsounD
6. Droid Sector
7. d-Queue
8. Broke – N



I’m sure this is the first Dubstep I’ve heard from our German homie, TT who now does the Man Recording Podcasts on a regular basis.

Great track/remix too and awesome vid too 🙂

Lloyd Banks ft Juelz Santana – Beamer, Benz Or Bentley (Tim Turbo Remix) by Tim Turbo

Lloyd Banks ft Juelz Santana – Beamer, Benz or Bentley (Tim Turbo Remix) from Tim Turbo on Vimeo.



Ok, this is about my home city Birmingham a.k.a Brum, you know the place where all those greeat bands came from, Led Zeppelin, UB40, Sabbath, Duran Duran, Steve Winwood and of course me DJ…ahahahah…

Not only am I covering Brum in this little piece today but also another sista’ doin’ it for herself on the DubSteP front.



The words nu shu literally means “Woman’s Writing” in Chinese. As the name implies, Nushu is a writing system created and used exclusively by women in a remote part of China. Traditional Chinese culture is male-centered and forbids girls from any kind of formal education, so Nushu was developed in secrecy over hundred of years in the Jiangyong county of Hunan province.

“They taught her to apply makeup and comb her hair; on her head she was wearing pearls that are shining magnificently; she is sitting like Guanyin (a Buddhist goddess) out of a Buddhist shrine”.

I’m really loving this stuff, emotional, atmospheric and beautiful!

It’s like Twin Peaks DubSTep – Strange, weird, avante garde, surreal and very addictive!

NuShu – March of the Idiots by NüShu

NuShu – Kill all the Brutes by NüShu

Nushu – A World by NüShu

NuShu ft. Eva Lazarus – Geisha by NüShu

NuShu – Hoes by NüShu

J K G [DubSTeP]


A few great PopSteP remixes here.

Gotta say I love my PopStep, you should alll know that by now.

From a guy based in Hull making his DM debut and as he says unfinished tracks but I love them already.

Bjork Hyperballad (J K G Remix) Unfinished by J K G [Dubstep]


Christina Aguilera – Hurt (Dubstep Remix) by J K G [Dubstep]

Glÿph Dubstep



Stream a new track:

Glÿph – Exo Links by Glÿph Dubstep



These LA guys always come up trumps with anything that they touch and this is no xception, brilliant remix maaan!

King Fantastic – Stop Fucking Playing (HavocNdeeD RemiX) by HavocNdeeDsounD



Droid Sector a.k.a Tom Geelong from Australia makes his DM dubut this week with some dark dubstep perfect for building up your set , check it out.

The Bassist & Roommate – Rub A Dub (Droid Sector Remix) [Free 320] by Droid Sector

Droid Sector – Empty Rooms 2009 [Free 320] by Droid Sector

Droid Sector – Observed [Free 320] by Droid Sector



David Quinones, Dallas, United States is d-Queue and he’s been on t’ blog quite a few times already on DM and also on DrumSTeP Friday too 🙂

Here’s a couple of new DubSTeP numbers for free.

d-Queue & Luke Nukem – Crims and Cops by d-Queue

d-Queue & Silicon Avatar – Optimistic by d-Queue



Not as good as the Sabbo version, which is the best tainted love I’ve ever heard.

Soft Cell – Tainted Love (Broke-N Dubstep Remix) by Monkey Dub Recording

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