Our very own prodigy Munchi is back and here’s what he has to say about this GREAT new Moombahton EP:

I have experimented alot with it by mixing with various genres.  Letting you hear a little bit of one of the new directions with the Ambient Dubstep mixed with Moombahton on my remix of Dubbel Dutch’s track ‘Throwback’.

Moombahton has alot to offer and i’m sure that if the experimenting of the tracks will go on, the genre will develop as something of its own rather than only edits or remixes.

In my opinion the possibilities with the Moombahton seem endless,
because I like to mix up genres alot and with Moombahton it seems to work every single time.

Heartbreak invited me to work on some tracks in Charlotte and we did.

This is what came out and we have alot more tracks to follow up.

He has a more Hiphop/Moombahton approach that you can hear in ‘Sweet Tea’.  Why ‘Sweet Tea’? That was the only thing we drank during the studio sessions, lol.  And with the random funk influences you can tell that we both love baile funk!


Anyway here are some more details of the tracks in short:

Heartbreak & Munchi – Boneknuckles [Moombahton Rmx]

During the time in Charlotte Heartbreak was telling me about the ‘Boneknuckles’ joke he heared on a sitcom.  I was like wtf is that, but it seemed familiar. We just had to do a track with that vocal so we searched all over the place for that episode. When we found it, it was done. I got inspired right away to do this track as this is the Moombahton rmx of the original undergound Dutch House version. A party track with alot of Baile Funk influences in the buildups.

Heartbreak & Munchi – Aponte o Não

If you know your Portuguese you already guessed it.  Heartbreak sended me this crazy Moombahton concept with the Fugees ‘Ready or Not’ joint. When i heared it I was so inspired. It led me to hear that great remix of The Course again.  I totally forgot about that track. So i added me in it and the subtile synths of The Course’s rmx and it seemed ment to be like this. It’s a smooth party track, something you can vibe to in the club while sippin on something.  I see this as a example of a good Heartbreak & Munchi collabo. This time in a other type of vibe, which we love making aswell. A more subtile approach.

Munchi – Soltero y Sin Compromiso

I have to be honest.  Don’t like Lil Wayne’s music as I did when I was a kid. But when he released the ‘Single’ joint I knew that that was my anthem right there.  It wasn’t after a long time that I started to work on this track, i loved the ‘It’s all good’ vibe on this track and i didn’t wanna change it.

Not to say that it has a Ambient Dubstep vibe to it, but it was certainly influenced by that. Also with hiphop, because its a hiphop track obviously. Alot of bass aswell, because.. well I just love bass.  I like to think this is something you can vibe to on a summer afternoon on the beach, just chillin with a cocktail.  It’s summer, so it’s all good my friends.

Munchi – Pero Que lo Que Mujer

Making this just minutes before I had to leave for a gig, this was inspired by a Merengue track.  Since 5 years ago I sometimes have these spontanious ‘Kikiriki’ moments, after hearing Mala Fe’s ‘Kikiriki’ track.  Like all of a sudden I find myself humming that song outta nothing, while its been years that I heared it for the last time lol.  So i just had to do something with that track of course. I also wanted to work with that carnaval whistle and this seemed like the perfect moment. Alot of percussion, alot of Mala Fe’s random vocals, alot of bass, alot of ‘Kikiriki’ (there is no synth, it’s just the Kikiriki lol), alot of acordeon perico ripiao madness and if thats not enough a random dominican mambo break out of nothing. Gotta love randomness!

Heartbreak – Sweet Tea

You already know the story about why the track is named ‘Sweet Tea’, so whats more to this track?  Instantly you will recognise the sound of this track. LL’s ‘Doin It’ recieved a Moombahton update, with alot of Bubbling influences and Baile Funk madness. It has the smoothness in it but with a more party vibe though because of the Bubbling influences. Here you can hear the Hiphop/Moombahton I was talking about that Heartbreak likes to make. I like to see this as a summer track aswell.

Heartbreak – Pilulas Azuis e Brancos

The translation describes: “White and Blue Pills”.  What in the world was Heartbreak on when he made this! It’s like your stuck in the zone and you can’t get out, but do you really want to get out? Was the synth annoying intentionally that it will stick in your head throughout the day. I know that was the fact when I first heared this. Also baile funk influences and alot of percussion. Something where Heartbreak has attached alot of importance to. This shyt just seems to be screaming: I don’t give a shit, fuck you im raw! And that rawness is something Heartbreak wants to keep in his track.

Don’t make it too pretty when it’s straight to the point!






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