Look at me… 3rd coloumn, 5th from the bottom amongst a LEGENDARY line-up!!!!!!!

Surprised, yeah, so am I keep being told I shouldn’t be but I can’t help it.

This remarkable line-up includes 2 of my top 5 artists of all time!  PRINCE and also JOHN PAUL JONES from LED ZEPPELIN who is playing in the supergroup, Them Crooked Vultures!  Only in my dreams would I be on the same line-up as these dudes BUT man this ain’t no dream , it’s fo’ real for

Not just that though, some good friends are gonna be there too – SCHLACTHOFBRONX…yeahhhh 🙂

Gotta say I’m buzzin’ and totally surprised that out of nowhere I got asked to do this dream slot at one of the world’s greatest Festivals, Roskilde.

The Festival bookers have just done everything absolutley right for me and more than I could have asked for.

Firstly, they have NOT described me as a “World Music”  or “World  Music 2.0” DJ.

Secondly they gave me and Generation Bass this great write up HERE

Thirdly, they put “ME” in a write up amongst some awesome names including one of my alltime faves, MODERAT!

The electronic party at Roskilde Festival goes far beyond these names. You can look forward to partying with MODERAT, ELECTROJUICE, MEXICAN INSTITUTE OF SOUND, LINDSTRØM & CHRISTABELLE, FM BELFAST and many more. Also, you get the chance to meet a number of reputable DJs that it would be more than difficult to persuade to play at your wedding: PRINS THOMAS, TIM SWEEENEY, DJ UMB, ANALOG AFRICA SOUNDSYSTEM and DALA DALA are only a selection of the respected people who provide us with all possible kinds of grooves between the more traditionally performing artists. French duo BEAT TORRENT, who have filled their fireplace shelves with world cup trophies for their DJ skills, gives a demonstration at Roskilde Festival.

Check the full article HERE.

Fourthly, man the slot & stage they given me is awesome.  It’s not a tiny broom cupboard behind some dimly lit tent BUT I’ll be on at the Cosmopol Stage!!!! Hopefully in front of 6000 people, just after Daara J and before Gilles Peterson @ 8.30 pm Friday 2nd July 2010.

I hope, I do you guys and Generation Bass proud!

If you’re going to be @ Roskilde, make sure to come and check me and out and say HELLO!

Man, I’m looking forward to it and I just hope those peeps dig my vibes 😉


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