Nothing sexier in terms of cumbia than: Los Corraleros del Majagual!! This is perhaps the biggest super group in cumbia, which can only be compared to Fania all stars or Motown golden years but in terms of Cumbia/Vallenato. Best band in Discos Fuentes extensive discography. Why Los Corraleros were/are Read more [...]

The Summer Of Moombahton Compilation

The sun is shining for Moombahton!Yesterday (29th) was my birthday and this is my gift to all of you, for the Moombahton movement and as a sincere thank you for all the support that it has been recieving! Also a big thanks to the artists who contributed to the compilation!The compilation has Read more [...]

BMORE Essential Pack Vol.1 : 10 Essential tunes!

From our good friend Bart over at Baltimore Club.Some new FIRE! I selected 10 tracks that you dj’s need to have in your cd map/serato libary/traktor folders. This are some of my favorite club tunes and I know it will make every crowd wild! More and more djs in the world discover Read more [...]


“Yeah it’s dramatic,” she says..lolCheck out this great little article on her shining more light on her growing enigma HERECooly G is a force to be reckoned with, but we knew that a year ago when we booked her to appear at last years Generation Bass festival.  Her set was one of my favourites Read more [...]

Certified BANGERS ® !!

We have pretty much everybody in the place: Diplo & lil Jon, Nit Grit, Cottonmouth, Sabbo, Disco Killah!!! MEGA BANGERS!!! Baby du brasil gets the dubstep treatment Disco killah- BOOTH Disco Killah-Booth (Caballo Rmx) by caballo Diplo and LIL JON Diplo ft. Lil Jon-U Dont Like Me (South Read more [...]


One of our favourite Dread Bass dudes from San Fran is backkkk with loads of new stuff for you all to check out for this KUSH ARORA SPECIALZ!DREAD BASS SOUNDSYSTEMI formed a new band called Dread Bass Soundsystem featuring Nate Mars and MC Juakali. Our first taste of material comes out on Dubshot Read more [...]

The Campesino Dj!! Jairo Mendez

One of the best exponents of the New Venezuelan National Folklore began his artistic career in 1983 in the town of La Grita, Tachira. As a real country person..or as we call it in spanish: a real campesino; he was in touch with tropical music while harvesting..He wrote to me many times, but he never Read more [...]


(pic by Kira Held - thanks for letting us use it!)A quick post from Calabar, Nigeria, and a follow up to something Caballo posted a few days back - I'll be posting more on the Nigerian music scene when I can get a decent internet connection (even opening GMail in this town is a struggle).Do yourselves Read more [...]


Ok, the post ain't as African as the above image may seem to suggest but I enjoy f****** with yo' minds!Plus I like the pic and you know I should be sitting on a throne like that cause I feel regal, I'm not gonna post so called "World Music" to go with that image cause that's exactly Read more [...]