los corraleros

Nothing sexier in terms of cumbia than:
Los Corraleros del Majagual!!
This is perhaps the biggest super group in cumbia, which can only be compared to Fania all stars or Motown golden years but in terms of Cumbia/Vallenato.
Best band in Discos Fuentes extensive discography.
Why Los Corraleros were/are so popular and influential?
Because they redefined the cumbia sound.
Before them we had Lucho Bermudez and Pacho Galan’s Big Bands cumbia orchestras just to name a few on one side.
And Alejo Duran Vallenato on the other.
They brought Huge brass sections, great percussion and perhaps the best accordion players in Colombia in just one band.

I know hundreds of people who know los corraleros and i’m sure each one can tell you a different favorite song.

They have a MASSIVE list of Hits.. like no other in cumbia, vallenato, or tropical Colombian history.

Alfredo Gutiérrez, Calixto Ochoa, César Castro, Ignacio Paredes and Lisandro Meza where the stars on their first era.

Here’s one of their mega hits (click to listen -right click to save)

This is Alfredo Gutierrez and the original version of Gaita Pirulino

Keeping in mind that the cumbia began as a low-brow form of music. Corraleros made it HUGE!
Their music at first was not always looked favorably upon by the Colombian upper classes.
But once December arrived.. there was/is no home in Colombia (til these days) where you don’t listen at least one song from them.

Because they were so popular, it was impossible to keep them together.
Each one began a solo career in late 60’s early 70’s, Fast Forwarding til ’78 were they got reunited.
Giving chance to the second big ERA!!
Anibal Velazquez, Fruko, Chico Cervantes and perhaps the most famous of these new ones, Eliseo Herrera, were among Heavy weights Ochoa, Meza and Guiterrez making hit after hit!!

An Anthem also with

When I (CABALLO) was around 6 or 7 years old -around ’82 or so- I LOVED LOS CORRALEROS’ RRRIAPATOPO!!
i used to try to sing it.. and i remembered my school mates (sorta posh school i was in) telling me how in hell i could like that!!
here it is

or Cumbia del Cangrejo ( CRAB CUMBIA)

They are amazing..
So i encourage you to check n get their music and Los corraleros influences and artists in their solo careers if you have never heard about them.. so you will understand a bit more where all the celso pina and later toy selectas and now our own Munchi’s music come from 😉

Some of the amazing Players you should check are:
Alfredo Gutiérrez, Calixto Ochoa, Lisandro Meza, Anibal Velazquez, Chico Cervantes,Dino Gutiérrez,Eliseo Herrera,Ignacio Paredes.

The Summer Of Moombahton Compilation

The sun is shining for Moombahton!

Yesterday (29th) was my birthday and this is my gift to all of you, for the Moombahton movement and as a sincere thank you for all the support that it has been recieving! Also a big thanks to the artists who contributed to the compilation!

The compilation has most of the Moombahtonistas on it and is made of 2 parts, past & present. In other words, 12 old and 12 new tracks. A perfect introduction for when you’re new to the genre or just to get up to date with the 12 new tracks.

If you’re wondering who made that sexy ass creature that is as Moombahton as Dave Nada himself,  the artwork is done by the one and only Mohak of Heart in Migration.

Oh and just to inform you manito: Moombahton is here to stay!


Summer of Moombahton



1. Dave Nada – La Gata
2. Sandro Silva – Told Ya (Melo Moombahton Edit)
3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (A-Mac Moombahton Edit)
4. N.A.S.A. – Watchadoin (Alvaro Remix – Uncle Jesse Moompatron Edit)
5. Lady Gaga – Alejandro (Afrojack Remix – Audio1 Moombahton Edit)
6. Rihanna – Rude Boy (Tommie Sunshine Mix – Morningstar Moombahton Edit)
7. Neoteric – Hey Got Lines
8. Drop The Lime vs East Flatbush Project – Tried by Sex Sax (Doc Adam Moombahton Edit)
9. DJ Apt One vs Josh Wink – Higher State of Moombahton
10. Slap & Dash – Fried Toy Moombahton
11. Knight Riderz – Party Alarm (Wyld Stallyns Moombahton Edit)
12. Munchi – Sandungueo



1. Modjo – Lady (A-Mac Moombahton Rmx)
2. Picksterone & Melo – Mas Poderoso
3. Sabo – No Pare Moombahton
4. DJ Epidemic – Ravaged Toadstool Girls
5. Hyper Crush – Ayo (Wyld Stallyns Moombahton Edit)
6. Moombahtron – Space Runner
7. David Heartbreak – Moombahma (Munchi Edit)
8. Sabbo – Make It Sexy
9. Sigur Ros – Saeglopur (Yeah! Remix)
10. Riggs & Murtaugh – Moombalator
11. Kid Kaio – We Don’t Give a Fuck (Uncle Jesse Fuckin’ Moombahton Edit)
12. Datsik – Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Rmx)


BMORE Essential Pack Vol.1 : 10 Essential tunes!


From our good friend Bart over at Baltimore Club.

Some new FIRE! I selected 10 tracks that you dj’s need to have in your cd map/serato libary/traktor folders. This are some of my favorite club tunes and I know it will make every crowd wild! More and more djs in the world discover Baltimore Club Music and are playing it at parties. With this package I hope bmore is gaining more airplay at parties worldwide. So not only people from bmore are spinning club music but djs worldwide will embrace club music. I hope you like it so I can make some more packs for you!

Griff & DJ Booman – Pick Em Up
Big Red – Flip It Bounce It
Debonair Samir – Samir’s Theme
2 Hype Brothers And a Dog – Doo Doo Brown
DJ Class – Im The Ish
DJ Blaqstarr – Hands Up Thumbs Down
KW Griff – In The Club
DJ Class – Tear Da Club Up
Justice – We R Ur Friends(Scottie B, King Tutt Remix)
DJ Technics & Rod Lee – Poke Ya Ass

Support these artists and buy there tracks at the store.


Tracks are mostly 320 kbps



“Yeah it’s dramatic,” she

Check out this great little article on her shining more light on her growing enigma HERE

Cooly G is a force to be reckoned with, but we knew that a year ago when we booked her to appear at last years Generation Bass festival.  Her set was one of my favourites from the whole weekend.  Got to say a little hello to her that time but didn’t get time to hang out.

Recently, we did get time to hang out at Roskilde though and I even made her’t get the wrong idea guys, I was kinda like her Butler for the day..ahahahaa 🙂

It surprised me to find out that her trip to our festival last year was her first ever trip abroad and that she loved it!!

She puts on a bit of front for the public but man I’m telling you the girl is as sweet as a pussycat but she won’t take any of yo’ shiit!! So don’t mess!

Her set at Roskilde was also awesome man and deeeep.  Man she is a BRILLIANT Producer who is also a BRILLIANT DJ and so she can cut it both ways!  That’s not always the case cause I’ve heard some pretty phenomenal producers dj live and they can’t quite cut it live as a DJ!

I think Cooly G is going to go on to world domination if she keeps her shit together and her faith.  She is probably one of the most important female producers in the UK right now and imho she has the potential to break the USA in a very big way.  I think she could be set for superstardom and I believe she can go all of the way and fulfll a dream that she has for herself and her 3 year old boy!

Here’s a geat new mix that she did recently called the Mix N Match mix.

Sorry man, no tracklisting!


Certified BANGERS ® !!


We have pretty much everybody in the place: Diplo & lil Jon, Nit Grit, Cottonmouth, Sabbo, Disco Killah!!!
Baby du brasil gets the dubstep treatment
Disco killah- BOOTH
Disco Killah-Booth (Caballo Rmx) by caballo
Diplo and LIL JON
Diplo ft. Lil Jon-U Dont Like Me (South Rakkas Remix) by maddecent

My two sweetest n melodical dubstep homies drop BANGERS!!!
Cottonmouth n NitGrit are simply AMAZING
Tom Di Sapia – Northern Cry (Cottonmouth Dubstep Remix) Monkey Beats by Cottonmouth
NIt Grit
Shut The Fuck Up by NiT GriT
Love songs!
Love Songs by NiT GriT
Diplo gets the Moombathron
Diplo – Ayo Moombahton [MOOMBAHTRON LOVES YOU EDIT] by moombahtron
Sabbo make this ULTRA BANGER
Me Tarzan You Jane by Sabbo

Exclusive and World Premiere album for Generation Bass! PIELMANTRA!


I have the wonderful opportunity to share with you of the most interesting Bands I’ve heard from Colombia!
Some already know their name, which appeared in Latino Resiste Vol 1.
For others it will be unknown.
The guys from PIELMANTRA!!

Exclusive and World Premiere for Generation Bass!

Original sound people… think of something like… if the actual asian dub foundation (the most rock influenced) instead of tabla-and south-asian sounds, had Colombian folklore, and reggae influences, but with like many bands (pendulum, Skindred, power of trinity, La imposible) it is difficult to know where the electronic-organic begins and the groove/rock starts (pielmantra doesn’t use secuences per se) .. but there is always an air of ragga and folklore that makes the band to get this very original sound.

An A+ of this band is: Their live performances are even better!

The last track of the album and also this album’s name: Pielmantra_Candelastyle (right click n save)


Princesa del Color: Arab-Latin Ragga
Princesa del Color by Pielmantra
Pachamama: it has an electro-ragga groove and sorta asian guitar with very good pro-environment message.
La Pachamama by Pielmantra
Boquita paranoica: Electro-Cumbe, with very good rocker vibe with dope lyrics .. very directly to those who just opened their mouth to say stupid things!
Boquita Paranoica by Pielmantra

Download Link<

Super Recommended from Colombia!

I have seen original colombian stuff such as Ultrageno , Cabuya, and even Morfonia which disappeared in time or just split.
Pielmantra, in my opinion, has all the elements that these bands have .. a particular sound, a “je ne sais quoi” in their composition, and very good lyrics.

Thanks to Pielmantra for allowing free distribution of their music



One of our favourite Dread Bass dudes from San Fran is backkkk with loads of new stuff for you all to check out for this KUSH ARORA SPECIALZ!



I formed a new band called Dread Bass Soundsystem featuring Nate Mars and MC Juakali. Our first taste of material comes out on Dubshot recordings”Future Sound of Reggae Volume 2″ on August 15th.

Here is a stream of the entire record, we did “One Of Those Nights”

Future Sound of Reggae Vol. 2 by dubshot



” The Fight The SPirit” a remix of DubLoner and Issac Selassie on Def’Child records.African Garage stuff, alongside 8 frozen modules, Djunya , Jack Dangers, and many more.

This is 135 percussion with subs marimbay and classic steppers/goes future garage vibe.

The Fight, The Spirit by de’fchild productions


Pen, Diary and Glasses

A summer mix of all my new material and Bakir from the Dubs Alive label with MC Zulu.

Me and my friend Bakir and MC zulu did this together to prepare for a little tour that we’ll do in Fall and to promote a whole round of singles and remixes that are unreleased and coming out on various  record labels. Some of my tunes, some of rick’s, some that we’ve made together, others that me and zulu have done together with custom acapellas from my back catalog over some of my favorite funky bangers.

Kush Arora and Bakir Hosted by MC ZULU DEAR DIARY THE MIX

Kush Arora + Bakir hosted by MCZulu- Dear Diary,The Mix by KushArora

1.   00:00 Kush Arora and Mega Banton “Shake Sitten” (Spanish Wall Street Riddim)
2.   02:15 Green Money and Lady Chann “Political Hype”
3.   04:18 Simone Pisapia feat. Jhonblack and Miss Muffin “The Anthem”
4.   05:20 Caliber “Elkasta Riddim” //   **MC ZULU “Caress” Acapella
5.   07:00 Marcus Price & Carli “Var E Naaaken” (Girl Unit Remix)
6.   07:57 Bok Bok “Dance Report”
7.   08:45 Baobinga, Cosmin & TRG “I Get Ruff”
8.   10:20 Blatta & Inesha “Pet Massage” (Kush Arora and Bakir Funky Shiatsu Remix)
9.   12:43 Lewis CanCut “Get Low” //  **MC ZULU “Poision Pill” Acapella
10. 14:48 Dubblestandart feat. David Lynch & Lee Scratch Perry “Chrome Optimism” (Kush Arora Remix)
11.  16:40 Luthor “M Grow” (Bakir Remix)
12.  18:06 J Kenzo “Tropic Thunder”
13.  19:30 Dubloner Fights Halle Selassie “The Fight, The Spirit” (Kush Arora Remix)
14.  21:00 ??????
15.  22:30  Kush Arora “The Hacker”
16.  24:05 The Spit Brothers “No Curfew” (Djunya Remix)
17.  25:55 The Spit Brothers “Lazy Left”

The Campesino Dj!! Jairo Mendez

jairo mendez
One of the best exponents of the New Venezuelan National Folklore began his artistic career in 1983 in the town of La Grita, Tachira.
As a real country person..or as we call it in spanish: a real campesino; he was in touch with tropical music while harvesting..

He wrote to me many times, but he never finished his emails..and i never checked his tunes.

the reason?
he was writing from a CAFE INTERNET!!! and he ran out of time in the middle of the email..

Later when he sent me his first song i was amazed!!
i asked him: how u make music in the middle of nowhere?
-I have a dj console and a computer i bought in a Pawn shop- he replied– i got it when the cops arrested a drunk disc jockey from Radio Perola in a bikini contest and it was used as the bail!!!!

Its recordings got heard by the prestigious company Super Tamarindo C.A. a Production Label recognized in venezuelan popular country music,
I want to introduce you this young popular music producer who has been in majestic “campesinos” events participating as Dj in both Colombia and Venezuela.
Cumbia of the tiger!!
Intergalactic Cumbia of the tiger (mr. ioso y jairomendez) by jairomendez

cumbia gorilla!!

Cumbia Gorilla by jairomendez


Berry watta berry – JairoMendez Refixxx by jairomendez

She´s a homeless
She´s a homeless – Jairomendez by jairomendez

This 80’s cumbia-tropical Classic gets the jungle rmx!!
Pagarás – dubjungle refixxx (Jairo Mendez rmx) by jairomendez


(pic by Kira Held – thanks for letting us use it!)

A quick post from Calabar, Nigeria, and a follow up to something Caballo posted a few days back – I’ll be posting more on the Nigerian music scene when I can get a decent internet connection (even opening GMail in this town is a struggle).

Do yourselves a favour and head on down to Different Waters, an excellent blog run by Generation Bass cohort, Berlin-based DJ Zhao, who’s mixing up a regular and rather excellent series of “Ngoma” mixes that feature kwaito from South Africa, kuduro from Angola and plenty other global grooves.

Zhao recently played at a release party in Berlin for the excellent ‘Ayoba: The Sound Of South African House’ compilation, alongside SA acts Pastor Mbhobho and Mgo, and usefully pointed out the below, rather complimentary, review the album received in esteemed serious music mag The Wire.




Ok, the post ain’t as African as the above image may seem to suggest but I enjoy f****** with yo’ minds!

Plus I like the pic and you know I should be sitting on a throne like that cause I feel regal

Besides, I’m not gonna post so called “World Music” to go with that image cause that’s exactly what you would xpect!!!



These girls always cause some controversy whenever I post their stuff.

They recently won a DJ Comp with Let’s Mix, can’t quite remember what it led to but they got bigged up by established DJ Superstars in the scene like Swedish House Mafia (yeah I know SHM are a bit naff but you can’t knock em’ for being established) and some others.

Anyway, the twins are doing good and that’s great to hear.

Here they are with a great nu mix that you can download and some fresh & hott tracks that you can stream!

MayaVanya – Panama! by MayaVanya

MayaVanya and Magik J – Kokoš‎ Fiesta by MayaVanya

MayaVanya Sounds like Summer mix by MayaVanya



Here’s some amazzing nu shiit I discovered from Lima, Peru recently.  a new name to add to your Generation Bass list of firsts.

Elegante & La Imperial Feat.Xzibit – Piensalo by Elegante

Elegante & La Imperial – Lundu Lando(Afrostep) by Elegante

Horoscopos de Durango-2 Locos (Elegante Imperial remix) by Elegante



Alongside new names we like add a sprinkling of established Generation Bass GodFathers, here’s Stereo’ as usual!

Destinys child rmx by stereotyp ©

Jukebox by stereotyp ©



Another new amazing discovery from San Fran, anybody for some Cha Cha Cha and Electro-Swing 🙂

Delachaux jumped out of his tree years ago flippin’ vinyl all over San Francisco’s neo-burlesque underbelly with lascivious sets that swirled everything from Weimar Berlin and glitchy mambo to torch-lit tiki and electro-swing steamcrunk. His intoxicating ‘burlectro’ style of pouring exotic orchestrations over a barrage of saucy beats has made him one of San Francisco’s most unique DJ/producers and the sonic maestro behind such annual West Coast galas as Tease-O-Rama and the Edwardian Ball. He can also be found cranking victrolas at such Bay Area fandangos as Louche, Kinky Salon, and Bohemian Carnival.

Safarachi by delachaux



1. Dipso Calypso – Buscemi
2. Some Like It Hot – Club des Belugas
3. Bad Boy Good Man – Tape Five
4. Dragons – Caravan Palace
5. Libella Swing – Parov Stelar
6. Make My Music (Zodiac Cartel Remix) – Emanul Kosh
7. Sugar – Parov Stelar
8. Touch My Horn (Crookers Remix) – Jesse Rose
9. Clown The Raper – Santiago Nino
10. Coco Bongo – DJ Ellroy
11. Jump In The Line (FeatureCast Remix) – Harry Belafonte
12. Ain’t All That Bad – DJ Ellroy
13. What’s That Sound (Kick Oh Remix) – Young Nutz
14. Why Don’t You – Gramophonedzie
15. Bambous – Caravan Palace
16. Every Little Star (Cheese & Pickle Remix) – Rufus White



Lovin’ this track and that cover above is so funny, especially that guy to the xtreme right with the specs on man..lmao..wot a face man!

Proyecto uno – Pumpin (Marateka pump Remix) by maratekatropical